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  1. Transcend

    Boxxers with Black Stanchions, When ?

    This would be my guess as well.
  2. Transcend

    Boxxer with Charger damper???

    If you take a look at this past season's race photos... there's been a special adjuster/topcaps on boxxers all season. Last I heard it was SUPPOSED to be a '14 product, but who knows.
  3. Transcend

    Steve Smith

    That or 2 stroke mix for a chainsaw.
  4. Transcend

    Vallnord DHI 2013...

    Course walk isnt even until tomorrow. A small rain storm is putting it mildly. It was a cluster**** of BIG hail and monsoon like rains all afternoon. Going to be an epic track to watch racing on and will evolve big time over the week.
  5. Transcend

    Vallnord DHI 2013...

    So a few runs today on the DH track... on a trail bike, in a TLD A1... and It's ridiculous. Mellow and flowy and fun up top and then all of a sudden hang on. Steep, ruts, awkward off camber corners lots of deep (today muddy) dirt and by the bottom you're wishing you rode the jump trail instead...
  6. Transcend

    Elixer R's cooked after a day at mountain creek?

    Easy enough if the bleed didn't use fluid from a fresh bottle. A bit of moisture absorbed into the fluid and a longish decent and you're done, especially on smaller rotors etc.
  7. Transcend

    2014 Specialized Demo 8

    Look for a few people to be doing small spring rates for next year. They will cost more (even in steel), but will actually be dynoed to be within 2% or 3% of the printed rate.
  8. Transcend

    Elixer R's cooked after a day at mountain creek?

    Re-bleed, you've probably boiled the fluid.
  9. Transcend

    Ohlins/Specialized Dirt Article

    I have to agree, that was the most confusing article I have ever read. Did the editors decide to randomly remove and or replace words before they went to print, just for ****s and giggles?? BTW, in the small amount of bounce around the parking lot time I've had on that shock under the team...
  10. Transcend

    Vallnord DHI 2013...

    Looks extremely 1 line-ish, but at least it's not beat and **** kicked like most of the rest of the older tracks right now.
  11. Transcend

    got the new pike...

    Unfortunately I cannot. I've never ridden any of the production X-Fusion forks.
  12. Transcend

    got the new pike...

    I've got a fair amount of time on the Pike from borrowing other people's bikes and it by far and away the best feeling trail fork I have ever ridden.
  13. Transcend

    Ft. William 2013 World Cup Round 1

    From what I understand, the Parkins are shooting "Enduro" as their focus this year and will be missing a few world cups. Maybe that's why?
  14. Transcend

    Shameless self promotion!?

    Just saw your hotel post. Wish I had seen it earlier. There's an AMAZING hotel across from the bike park, a 3 minute walk from the main parking area. It's owned by Maria and Franz, who will make whatever you want for food every night, and franz will sit with you and get you drunk on mega...
  15. Transcend

    The Product that Changed the World

    No mention of Sachs?
  16. Transcend

    best way to clean rotors?

    Brake cleaner for sure.
  17. Transcend

    You Go Girl!

    Your understanding of how progress is made and goals are achieved is astounding. :thumb:
  18. Transcend

    You Go Girl!

    You guys realize that patents are generally based off of specific goals and the way in which they are achieved, right? Pivot placement for a specific purpose is important. :rolleyes:
  19. Transcend

    Fox Rampage Carbon reviews? Verdict?

    Just a guess - new helmet sizing was a large factor in it. The D2 fit certain people perfectly, but lack of proper sizing made it tough to get a great fit for a lot of people. The D3 fixed that, besides being much more protective.