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  1. arboc!

    Bellingham dirt jumps?

    darn mtn bikers, ill show you some 'trails'... none of these 'dirt jumps'
  2. arboc!

    Bellingham dirt jumps?

    they suck... city built them with fill dirt because the dude thought it was for moto jumps. theres some private jumps around that are super fun. pm me if you want to go dig or ride
  3. arboc!

    wife broke her shoulder, anyone know of good shoulder protection for XC/AM riding?

    by far best way to prevent injuring your shoulders is working them out and strengthing the muscle groups in that area. is she in physical therapy?
  4. arboc!

    moving to bellingham

    dont swim in the bay... go for bellingham over the surrounding areas
  5. arboc!

    20 inch tire of choice for dirt jumping?

    odyssey dirt tires are pretty trusty. folding versions are pretty light too
  6. arboc!

    transition dirt bag

    build it with a fox 36 and a 9 speed setup... perfect for some mini-dh
  7. arboc!

    Is 20mm really that dangerous????

    your fine, just dont mention it if your bike ever breaks... the bike's angles will be affected too.
  8. arboc!

    360 X-up

    on a related note, my buddy joe can only xup when he backflips... haha
  9. arboc!


    anyone ever deal with possession in idaho? i got a ticket for paraphernalia, and im wondering what im looking at... i know if i get convicted it makes me ineligable for financial aid for like a year.
  10. arboc!

    the next level...

  11. arboc!

    20" of love, for those of you who think 24" is just too much

    here's my trusty fit eddie.
  12. arboc!

    Mt. Spokane Update

    nice... i need to take another crack at that mud bog up top. im glad that they aren't denying the boozecruise crew completely :)
  13. arboc!


    i prefer the weed-only spliff personally... mostly because, as my friends mom put it, "spliff? thats queer, smoke your weed straight." haha i couldnt say it better myself.
  14. arboc!

    My Dobermann Pincsher Bike check

    meh thats debatable :p
  15. arboc!

    Kids DH bike

    your kid probably doesnt need a fully just yet me thinks... get them a solid 20" hardtail, more bang for buck, and less disappointment when the bike sees city streets more than dirt trails.
  16. arboc!

    After work food

    grilled cheese and some sort of soup is always a quick fix
  17. arboc!

    what metal looks like

  18. arboc!

    Red Bull No Limits.

    looked like he f-ed his hand up pretty bad... he had a big gash on his hand, kinda looked like a compound fracture. it was funny, they interviewed him and he was definatly in need of some medical attention.
  19. arboc!

    HELLLPPPP!!! square spindle wont remove!

    use a crank puller fo the crank arms, and an splined bottom bracket tool to get both sides of the bb out... come on spalding!
  20. arboc!

    record player suggestions

    ive got a stanton t.50 that works great... they go for about $125 i think.