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  1. vitox

    Anybody using one of the long stroke air shocks (dhx, roco?)

    buenas, estoy hablando con el cesar rojo original?
  2. vitox

    Yeti Prototype: 30 ...what tha...? - From 2008 Sea Otter -

    bingo the slot and the thingy that goes through it, are only there to add rigidity as far as i can see. that means that yet has now: made a bike with rails instead of links, then realized they needed a linkage to stiffen that up (current 303 has a stiffening link not present in the first...
  3. vitox

    2008 Marzocchi 888 ATA

    hi all my figures for these are as follows, all for ready to ride, cut steerer, correct oil level and no stem, 08s are adjusted down 20g for comparison purposes as they do not use adapter and bolts. 08 ata 3,15kg 08 rc3 wc 3,45kg 07 wc 3,4kg 06 rc2x 3,37kg note that the 06 and 07 castings...
  4. vitox

    Sweet Mega Littervalanche - Mike West in Peru

    ive been there, its an incredible place for a race, the course itself i think had a bit too many road crossings and i think they really screwed up by doing a format where the winner isnt necessarily the one who comes first down the mountain (one of the points of the whole mass start thing IMO)...
  5. vitox

    Thoughts on dented swing arms

    that dent is no problem
  6. vitox

    UCI Points Breakdown

    30 for a class2
  7. vitox

    What is the difference between the GIANT TEAM DH and the TEAM WORX BIKE ?

    hmm, im pretty sure they also had a swingarm out for the team only that had bolt on dropouts.
  8. vitox

    Aerobic Training is Dead-The Scientific Proof

    yea yea i get it, actually i think its a worthwhile concept to debate, but the word "waste" is a bit over the top to me at least.
  9. vitox

    the mrp/e13 battle continues

    yes and thats what IMO makes it "not truly effective", at least i have more problems with rocks than logs, might be something that changes with riding terrain of course.
  10. vitox

    Aerobic Training is Dead-The Scientific Proof

    yes but just think of all those hours WASTED and no anaerobic gain, surely that cant be worth it can it? seriously now, probably the guy has a point but then again thats not the whole picture, i cannot believe, even if you were a machine type, that general riding wont be good for you, i...
  11. vitox

    the mrp/e13 battle continues

    i have to say, its a good idea, but at the same time, i think the guard is too far away from the big ring to be truly effective.
  12. vitox

    A strange question

    im confused, would it be possible to do the one footed off of a double?
  13. vitox

    Suspension gurus help please

    its probably there as a dummy shaft or rod or whatever, keeps things from becoming undone. put oil in there like they say, first check that you have a seal and if you had no oil in there before, check that the sealing edge of the seal so to speak, isnt cut up or otherwise in bad shape, seals...
  14. vitox

    My idea for a gearbox bike

    hey i like it a lot, creative with the shock arrangement ! one thing i remember from pedalling around on a gearbox bike was that it bobbed a lot, more than the bb7, and looking at the rendering it says 0,1mm chaingrowth, maybe you could put a slider in there to tighten up things?
  15. vitox

    2009 bos fork&shock !!!

    make that 8 years ago!
  16. vitox

    Thinking of living the dream....

    feel free to drop me a line for any south american q's you might have. theres this Andes thing you know... pretty handy for dhing.
  17. vitox

    Here It Is!!!!!!!!! A Karpiel Sneak Preview............

    youre right of course, but at least from my initial reading of the patent, the place where the shock is anchored is not one of the main claims, if you look at the abstract, it doesnt even mention that, it seems to me what they wanted to secure was the chain stay link with a configuration that...
  18. vitox

    Here It Is!!!!!!!!! A Karpiel Sneak Preview............

    yea i agree, but at the same time, there can be no doubt that the trek patent (filed for in feb 99) is predated by the disco volante by a year or more, so (USA has a first to invent type patent law, according to wikipedia at least) he should have no problems with that patent at least.
  19. vitox

    Romic Compression rebuild??? help please...

    wow its been a while im surprised you remember that, i cant find the post so ill try explaining the romic shock has an allen threaded hole with a cap where the air goes in, which makes it impossible to fill with a normal pump setup because by the time you put that cap back in, the air is...
  20. vitox

    Here It Is!!!!!!!!! A Karpiel Sneak Preview............

    wouldnt "prior art" be invokable (new word?) in karpiels case?