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    graves unstoppable !

    I rode with Graves at my local BMX track (Sycamore BMX) last season and was completely blown away. Not only was he smoking fast and smooth, but he is a super nice guy. For the folks who may not follow BMX, beating Bubba Harris is a huge accomplishment. Bubba is one of the most dominate...
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    I love sram's CS!

    I also have to give a big thumbs up to Sram’s customer service. I broke an X9 derailleur, and when I went to my LBS to buy a new derailleur, one of the guys who works there told me to bring in my broken derailleur and he would call Sram to see if they would warranty it. Much to my...
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    James Stewart Pinning it...

    This video clip is a few seasons old, but it's amazing. I love the sound of a 2-smoke!
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    Carnage / wreck photos from Southridge / Fontana

    I believe he was the rider who was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, with a pretty bad concussion. Hopefully, he is all healed up...
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    Ride Before the Feast?

    It's also a tradition for me to ride on Thanksgiving. A bunch of us are meeting at 7:30 a.m. for some shuttle runs. I'm planning to ride until about noon...
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    UCLA Student Repeatedly Tazered

    The UCLA police department has had a horrible reputation for years. I had a few friends who went to college there, and I have heard the stories and had to deal with them a few times myself. I’m not surprised in the least that something like this has happened. I noticed that there were 2...
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    calling all dirtbikers

    Generally speaking, a 4-stroke should require less maintenance than a 2-stroke; however, when a 4 stroke does require that maintenance it will be a lot more difficult and expensive. When it comes to 4-strokes, all of the power is usable and the acceleration is a lot smoother than a 2-stroke...
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    100 Days...

    Yes it does! I know your pain and frustration. I spend a lot time in a cast when I was a kid. I had a spiral fracture of my tibia and fibula, which left me in a cast for nearly 3 months and another 3 months of physical therapy. I wish you luck with your injury…hopefully you’ll be able to...
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    So, exactly how reliable is PricePoint?

    I’ve used Price Point several times, and have always been very happy with their service.
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    road rage cancelled

    It is extremely dry out there right now. I don’t think we’ve had any measurable rain since April. I think that the fire department has concerns about having so many people up there. If a fire did start it would be hard to evacuate and it would tie up a road they might need to use as access...
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    road rage cancelled

    That sucks! I had a pass to go, and Tuna Canyon is only about 20 minutes from my house. I was really looking forward to going...
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    Got my bonus! decision time

    Noah...check your PMs...
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    Glen Helen Outdoor National

    Here's a video clip from the Glen Helen Outdoor National. It's a really good battle between Stewart and RC.
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    Mark Reynolds Memorial Fund Auction

    I came across this on www.racerxill.com, and thought it was something that should be posted in the mountain bike community, as well. Mark Reynolds Memorial Fund Auction - press release - St. Joseph, MO (October 24, 2006) - Many in the motocross and mountain bike industry know that OMS...
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    Azonic Recoil rear shock position setup on 5th Element?

    You should probably give Azonic a call. I’m pretty sure that there isn’t enough room on the Recoils to run a shock with a standard piggyback. If I remember correctly the Recoil only came with the Romic for that particular reason.
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    Sux 2 B Ford Motor Co...

    Putting the reliability issues aside, you kind of hit the nail on the head when you bring up Ford’s cost of doing business. The UAW has really put a stronghold on American car makers. When you take into consideration benefits, pensions, and the high wages they are contractually forced to pay...
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    Jeremy McGrath Invitational

    I did see Grant's slide on the metal ramp--it was insane. That race, between Grant and DV, was probably one of the best races I have ever seen. What's even more amazing is that Grant was a four-stroke 250 and DV was on a 450...
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    U.S. Open of Motocross

    For all of you moto guys out there, the U.S. Open of Motocross will be on T.V. today. On the West Coast it will be on at 10:30 a.m. on CBS. You can also catch the Jermey McGrath Invitational on Sunday...it will be on NBC--not too sure of the time.
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    5th element knock

    Servicing a rear shock yourself is a pretty difficult thing to do. My 5th Element shock did a similar thing after about a year of use, as well. I was lucky that my shock started to have problems at a race, where Progressive was at, so I just had them service it for me. My suggestion would...
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    '07 Forks, whose thinking what?

    I've been very happy with my 2006 888RC2X, but the new '07 888 WC looks like an awesome fork! My plans are to have the '07 internals intalled in my '06.