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  1. Arkayne

    >>Monday GMT<<

    My brother gave me a Makerbot Replicator 2x (he upgraded) so my son can start learning how to design. I've been refurbing it so hopefully I can start printing fists.
  2. Arkayne

    Even more suspensiony shit - finally!

    I remember seeing a big name use that design before on the lower triangle years ago. I think it was on an xc bike.
  3. Arkayne

    ***Friderp GMT***

    I'm going to wash, clay, polish, and wax the neighbors car tonight for $80. Better than hanging around picking my butt. or is it.
  4. Arkayne

    poop purity...

  5. Arkayne

    Best pet animal names...

  6. Arkayne

    ***Tuesderp GMT?***

  7. Arkayne

    HFBD Westy the Teste

    Happy birthday!
  8. Arkayne

    MonDerp GMFT

    Lazy Monday
  9. Arkayne


  10. Arkayne

    ***Thursderp GMT***

  11. Arkayne

    ...it's a YouTube extravaganza!

    I'm assuming you have a certain number of guesses and and assistant pulled it off prematurely. 8==D
  12. Arkayne

    ...it's a YouTube extravaganza!

    Yeah, she's done.
  13. Arkayne

    What is an "epic ride" to you?

    For me, it's starting before the sun comes up and has a combination of the following: -smiling and screaming like a girl because of hero dirt -regret going at the half-way -stupid tired at the end -no mechanicals -second wind at the 3/4
  14. Arkayne


    Just in case anyone can't find it, the correct title is Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton. I'm going to watch it tonight.
  15. Arkayne

    ***Thursderp GMT***

    I'm picking up a dollhouse for my 3yo daughter today. That's my excitement for today.
  16. Arkayne

    ...it's a YouTube extravaganza!

  17. Arkayne

    >>Lap dance Wednesday GMT<<

  18. Arkayne

    >>Lap dance Wednesday GMT<<

    Nothing exciting on my end. My son snapped the antenna off my quadcopter transmitter so I have to hit UPS to send it off for repair. I've been off the bike for awhile, is it still cool to ride 26"?
  19. Arkayne

    Walking Dead

    Only 2 more eps left? Damn, did anyone read the comics? How will the show end, montage into the future and all is well again?