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  1. Skookum

    Corporate interview...

    sup Midge, band reunion next July? 302 Found
  2. Skookum

    Manimal and Son do Snowshoe

    So cool...
  3. Skookum

    Cap Forest Ride Vids

    Back in they day when TBBXC was all the rage, and Icepeeps was in it's infancy, i would hook up with BAH, and Serial Midget and get a shuttle from The Peak bikestore, ride like maniacs, and then eat chicken at Littlerock Chevron. Maybe some of you remember that? We had a fun ride this...
  4. Skookum

    an Irene ride.

    Haha man you're crazy... Trees hurt when they fall on you, trust me on this one...:D
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    Green Mountain and Cooper River Vid

    So these are a couple of videos. i've lead quite a few rides in my day for the local club, but don't do it much anymore. A handful of people came out for a ride i posted, and it was a fun time. The video shows a fun stretch of Plummer Trail. A single cut with a nice simple melody...
  6. Skookum

    Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Skills Park Videos

    Yah a few things have changed since your visit.:) People who really do trailwork can really understand how much work has gone into it.:) Since it's not really finished, i'm in a weird zone where i'm not looking too much at the project, and just kind of enjoying riding it when i'm at the...
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    Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Skills Park Videos

    Hello, i used to post here alot. Many times to share the bikey goods, and work on the hobby of photography along the way. Anyways, i always thought videography is the shiz. Photography is really a lazy artist's platform to capture images that emote whatever response. It's actually a crapload...
  8. Skookum

    Limbo no more....

    Word, before you guys started out there, there was really little or no opportunity in this state to even have permission to build (mt. bike specific) anywhere. Now to have the opportunity to direct it back in a place where there will be a guarantee it will stick around for years, decades, or...
  9. Skookum

    Deuces WP Last Call (BBQ)

    http://evergreenmtb.org/recreation/calendar.php?event_id=9355 One last "official" club work party before the weather turns. The thought was to wind down trail construction this month but we're following what the weather does as well, so we might continue to get more trail done before this...
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    Dueces Wild

    Hey Monkeys. We've finally settled on a name, Dueces Wild Slalom Course. Props for respecting the closure, and thanks for helping us build what should be a super fun trail that will serve a broad spectrum of riders, and hopefully hold race events that can support maintenance for all of the...
  11. Skookum

    Duthie poop

    So day before yesterday this guy who's building a trail skipped work, and for 12 hours re-planted and refoliated trail so it wouldn't get shut down. The only person to help him was Kevin Shmuck from Evergreen, and it happened to be his birthday. Somebody has been taking dumps on the trail too...
  12. Skookum

    Whistler Did It! Dual Slalom

    Thanks Gfreak!
  13. Skookum

    Whistler Did It! Dual Slalom

    And remember, if you are sporting a skullet there can really be no shame in placing a plastic grocery bag on your head when it rains.
  14. Skookum

    The futility of the Prius and the end of the world as we know it

    i don't disagree with your premise at all Toshi, but i do take exception to your pessimistic attitude that what you're doing isn't making an impact. The only power you really have is to influence others, or make wise decisions on agents that would provide representation to your views. But...
  15. Skookum

    Snoqualmie Soliloquy

    Yah now if i could only get some time to actually ride.:) i'm really stoked on our dual slalom course we're building. Hi a bunch of cool people i've ridden with and some whom i've almost ridden with in this thread!:)
  16. Skookum

    Drinky Crow and Uncle Gabby Trail

    This line will now be known as Whistler Did It. Calling out for peeps interested in helping dig, we're out there almost every weekend on this line. i know for a fact everybody on this forum will ride this trail and will love it. If you are not tied up, we always are stoked to have new...
  17. Skookum

    Stevens Pass Bike Park Update!

    Cool deal man, it takes years for things to happen. i got into mt. biking with a chair assisted lift at Snoqualmie years back, and i'm happy that i'll get a chance to do it again before i kick the bucket.:)
  18. Skookum

    Trash ???!!! Let's get this one under control

    Wow that's pretty crazy... Seems pretty easy task to do for a rider to bring in a trash bag, fill it up and haul it out. i mean it sucks that someone has to take time to do that when they could be shoveling dirt or something and helping build the park. It's not like this park is going to be...
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    Watch my friend make some booze (LIVE)

    That Pac-Man game looks exciting... Hey do you still have that Gorgon pinball plate i scored for ya? That thing was cool...
  20. Skookum

    another rug matching the drapes scenario

    In the dark ages, it was too dark to know how old your rapist was. i saw Letournou and her victim/husband in the store years ago. i remember seeing her face, and not being able to place her. Like i know you, where have i met you, then i saw Vili and i put 2 and 2 together. She had a...