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  1. sanjuro

    First Ride: RockShox RS-1

    BTW that picture of pulling the RS-1 legs apart. I like to see this test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WlRqcAQr2w _WlRqcAQr2w
  2. sanjuro

    The Web Monkey Speaks: Sorry. You Were Right.

    Electronic shifting is an upgrade forced on us like Shimano's Dual-Control and low-normal rear derailleurs. Unlike, let's say disc brakes, there is no massive improvement to the performance or reliability of shifting. If you don't clean your drivetrain, it is not going to work well. Campy...
  3. sanjuro

    User-name remorse?

    Believe it or not, this is the first forum I ever joined. I was going to take Yojimbo, which is a much more popular Kurosawa film than Sanjuro, the sequel. For that reason, and that there is a bike shop in Chicago with that name, I ended up with Sanjuro. Since then, I realize I feel that I...
  4. sanjuro

    User-name remorse?

  5. sanjuro

    Mouth breather of the day

    Actually, there is some circumstantial evidence that there would be more gun restrictions. The Assault Weapons Ban passed when Congress and the President were Democratic. Obama has endorsed the Chicago gun ban. Holder said we should "brainwash" children about thinking about guns: 302 Found...
  6. sanjuro

    Living "off the grid". Crazy or awesome?

    You make your concerns clear. I would imagine home ownership requires 5-15 hours a month in upkeep. Now the question is does this number double, even triple moving "off the grid".
  7. sanjuro

    Mouth breather of the day

    I remember my last regular exposure to stupid racists. He was a parts clerk in a small garage, and his racism permeated every thing he did. Now before any weeping liberals start casting stones, we worked in a middle class suburb that bordered one of the worst parts of the city, which was yes...
  8. sanjuro

    Living "off the grid". Crazy or awesome?

    The flip side is your independence comes at a price. My friend, who is getting divorced, was living deep in hills. He mentioned if you want to see a street light, he had to check the wiring, screw in the lightbulbs, and make sure the generator was running. And he is the most handy of handymen...
  9. sanjuro

    Intentional? 40 foot drop to flat

    I survived nicely, thank you.
  10. sanjuro

    Kill a driver today

    After being honked from less than 5 feet from the horn, let me tell you anyone who lays on horn button has never heard a car horn from outside their vehicle.
  11. sanjuro

    Do I want an adjustable height seatpost?

    I have it on my Blur LTc and it is a must for the all-mountain stuff I ride. However, on my hardtail XC 29er, I use a regular post. Besides the weight and reliability, I won't do that xtreme technical stuff on a XC bike. I don't even have a quick release. For the winter when I can no...
  12. sanjuro

    Is Lance finally busted?

    Nice article.
  13. sanjuro

    new brake mount standards?

    The thing here is that I bet 90% of rear disc brakes are 160mm. While it screws you running a 7 inch, this is actually an improvement for fewer parts.
  14. sanjuro

    marion barry celebrates winning the primary by hittin the pipe

    That's why violence is still necessary.
  15. sanjuro

    Ladies and Gentlemen....place your bets.

    Not surprised he poo-poo'ed Obama fighting skills. Basketball is one of the few recreation sports with lots of movement and eye-hand coordination skills. And I've seen bball games get down right nasty. Obama has a huge physical advantage here.
  16. sanjuro

    Strava site is down....keep going

    I use Strava for another reason: scouting out new routes. If you go it alone, knowing exactly how long a section is critical to route finding. And I can tell if a section is up or down based on elevation profiles.
  17. sanjuro

    This "most special child" crap just went too far...

    http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/03/school-bullies-prey-on-children-with-autism/ Connie Anderson didn’t know what was bothering her 17-year-old son, a Baltimore-area high school senior with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. He was usually a diligent student, but his grades...
  18. sanjuro

    Stupid teenager took out my bike rack. ARRGGGHHHH!!!

    At least he stopped. My rack gets tagged when I park and leave it down.
  19. sanjuro

    Is Lance finally busted?

    Tygart doesn't know. Except for those 10 eyewitnesses, including Hincapie, willing to testify.