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  1. William42

    Rear Shock Knowledge / Rant Space

    The DB Air CS has a higher breakaway force required to get it moving than the DB Coil CS does, and they actually have two different climb switches to deal with this. The DB Air CS climb switch doesn't provide nearly as firm a feeling as the DB Coil CS climb switch. It's pretty easy to swap one...
  2. William42

    Depressing thought...

    I don't know, I personally like having companies I can buy things like frames, cranks, bb's, brakes, suspension, headsets, handlebars, grips, chainguides, wheels, and various other components from. A headset isn't much different now than it was in 2005, but it's still nice to have companies we...
  3. William42

    Depressing thought...

    This is going to utterly decimate the small, midsize, and also large manufacturing sectors of the bike industry.
  4. William42

    Going from 27.5 to 29...DH bike

    Not to mention having things like working brakes and their choice of tires.
  5. William42

    Ben Cathro as The Privateer

    I'm sure this will be over by next week! Just kidding, the season is boned and there won't be any racing until we get a vaccine.
  6. William42

    Rear Shock Knowledge / Rant Space

    OH I didn't realize you had the performance series. Drop that thing like the piece of shit that it is. I hated my performance X2. Not being able to tune the HSC was a deal breaker for me. Or get that HSC/LSC assembly from djjohnr (who I assume pronounces his name "jonner") and rage. Or pick up a...
  7. William42

    Rear Shock Knowledge / Rant Space

    Looking at that leverage rate, that's going to be a hard bike to tune, and changing your shock out is only going to make marginal differences at best. The leverage rate changes from rapidly progressive to digressive 2/3 of the way through the travel, which is generally right where air shocks...
  8. William42

    This is what's wrong with The Industry™

    I don't know if this was already posted but: https://bikerumor.com/2020/02/20/spengle-gold-is-just-that-a-one-off-24ct-gold-carbon-wheel-set-for-e10000/
  9. William42

    Fox 36 27.5-29 and grip 2 conversion

    Hey I'm self isolating by working from home in the mountains of western NC too. My still is looking good and hasn't blown up, so that's a plus
  10. William42

    PSA: Cane Creek Helm 29 Sale

    I believe it's 15wt Motul, but probably any 15wt SAE oil will be fine if you have something else sitting around.
  11. William42

    PSA: Cane Creek Helm 29 Sale

    50 hour service can be done at home, 100 hour needs to go through a service center
  12. William42

    How to determine what rise of bars to get?

    This is a hell of a bump right here. Sethimus took the bait. I suspect OP found the bars he was looking for at some point in the past 15 years
  13. William42

    This is what's wrong with The Industry™

    Your signature directly contradicts you on that one
  14. William42

    Team Rumourz

    Do they do a stronger one for team riders that doesn't break as easily as all the regular ones?
  15. William42

    Team Rumourz

    What are you talking about, it looks rideable
  16. William42

    This is what's right with The Industry®

    I mean, I gotta be honest, I don't think I've ever once lifted my bike up and thought "boy this sure is light" Light bikes exist pretty much exclusively for internet approval. There isn't much reason for them otherwise. That said, no hate from me. If it rides well, it rides well.
  17. William42

    Feedback on new Codes?

    I've had a set of RSC's since October. They've been reliable, and the factory bleed was solid enough that I haven't needed to bleed them since I got them. Having said that, I've bled plenty of sets of Codes, and they're super easy. I don't love Dot fluid, but SRAM's bleed kit is pretty rad, I...
  18. William42

    Make Shimano Great Again!

    Hell, no need to shit on the GX stuff even, it feels really fuckin good. That said, I'm replacing mine with XTR. :nose: But, not because I have any problems with the GX, I actually like it quite a bit, just putting it on my wifes bike because her NX blows chunks and wont fucking be quiet in...
  19. William42

    Fixing Shimano Wandering Bite Point

    I'm fairly confident the dude was making a sarcastic joke about people he thinks are whinging about the price of them.
  20. William42

    Random new bike thread

    https://www.vitalmtb.com/forums/The-Hub,2/New-high-end-MTB-brand-undomestic,10742 Some cool ideas going on with this bike, if they manage to get all the parts to play nicely together it should be pretty dialed.