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  1. ohio

    For Sale 2008 Specialized Enduro S-Works Medium w RP23 and Revelation

    Bump and price drop. Price negotiable - cheap way for you to get a friend into mountain biking...
  2. ohio

    For Sale 2008 Specialized Enduro S-Works Medium w RP23 and Revelation

    PRICE DROP TO $1000 Once upon a time in 2008 it was THE bike and way ahead of it’s time… but not 8 years ahead. Now it is still a very capable enduro bike with 6” of travel F&R, but lots of stuff has passed it by. Specialized Enduro S-works, medium, brown anodized Shimano XT 2x9 drivetrain...
  3. ohio

    Mission Motors files bankruptcy

    Figured this is as good a place as any to post this up. This is why I have been MIA for the last 6 years (I miss you guys):
  4. ohio

    For Sale '08 Fox Float RC2 160mm 1 1/8" 20mm

    Kinda old school but in great shape with fresh seals and oil. 7.5" steerer. Been out of the loop, so if my price is unfair, definitely make an offer. Just want to clear out the closet. Will clean off mud before shipping but you may as well see it in its natural state. Email marc DOT fen AT...
  5. ohio

    Mission Motors files bankruptcy

    Ah, but we ARE taking deposits which is almost as good as a purchase. Except in this purchase we get money and you get a spot in line. So really it's not as good as a purchase. But it only costs 1/30th of a purchase, goes towards a purchase, and is fully refundable (and we have actually refunded...
  6. ohio

    Mission Motors files bankruptcy

    I don't know what you're talking about *waves hand* *poof* Alta Motors muthafucka!
  7. ohio

    Mission Motors files bankruptcy

    Awww, I miss you guys. Yeah, not my company. Mark Seeger is a totally different dude. We're doing well and as pointed out above are now (and forever) Alta Motors. Bikes fucking rip and will be out later this year. Yes, I've said that before but that's when I was lying. Now I'm telling the truth.
  8. ohio


    I highly recommend The Sparrow. It's a piece on philosophy and theology disguised as a sci-fi novel. Science fiction proves a great vehicle for testing our notions of absolute morality - murder, rape, slavery, etc.
  9. ohio

    rapid modeling of firearms

    God only gives rights to Americans, duh. The others are outside his jurisdiction.
  10. ohio

    rapid modeling of firearms

    People will at some point in the future have the ability to manufacture their own guns of reasonable multi-shot capability. This is fact. The only question is how far away is that future. It will be illegal, and the government will do their best to enforce that, but it will still happen. People...
  11. ohio

    Gun Control

    So you used the penis compensators OUTSIDE of your underwear?
  12. ohio

    It's always Florida...

    This both made my evening and ruined my next 90 minutes.
  13. ohio

    "Why Police Lie Under Oath"

    It seems insane to me that we still judge performance (and dole out proportionate resources) based on inputs (arrests, convictions) and not outputs (crime [reduction]). From my outsiders view, this is the simplest of problems to me. Reward departments and officers for drops in crime (or...
  14. ohio

    Gun Control

    how about claiming to be an educational poster that labels a shotgun as a "rifle?" that's the kind of **** that sends the gun nuts I know into a tailspin when it comes from the lamestream media.
  15. ohio

    "when a woman becomes pregnant during a rape, "that's something God intended.""

    Can't believe these haven't been posted yet... Collect all THREE!
  16. ohio

    what did he know & when did he know it?

    I for one am appalled that Obama doesn't immediately tweet every report that comes across his desk. It's a new era of media and he's got to get with the times. I don't wait 24 hours to be told about things that have already happened. What the **** is this, 1998? I've seen this meme of comparing...
  17. ohio

    what did he know & when did he know it?

    You're really going to compare the WH waiting one day to vet intel before sharing it publicly with ignoring intel on pending attacks? A much more accurate analogy would be Dan Rather's gaffe in publicly announcing "news" before vetting it properly. Where did you stand on that?
  18. ohio

    My political stand.....

    Or better yet, an integral part of their competitive advantage. For us, building in the US is cheaper, faster, more flexible and higher quality/lower risk. The fact that some customers will get a boner over the flag sticker is just a bonus.
  19. ohio

    CEOs are the suck...

    And it doesn't upset you that if you just made more money or owned a larger (multi-state or international) company you'd pay a lower tax rate? Capital gains and loopholes for the ultra wealthy mean that your tax rate is higher than it could/should be. You are subsidizing them.