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  1. bluebug32

    Fruita CO - May 2008 (dialup beware)

    I think it's time to plan a visit to my uncle's in Colorado....
  2. bluebug32

    How to haul bikes?

    Welcome to the monkey!
  3. bluebug32

    Friday time waster

    http://www.mymusiciq.com/ Paging Narlus and other music monkeys. How well did you do?
  4. bluebug32

    if you are in new england....

    Rode yesterday in shorts...It was great!
  5. bluebug32

    2 Photos.......

    I have the Buddy Christ on my desk pointing at Buddha. "hey, how YOU doin'?"
  6. bluebug32

    May sound corny... a ride report of sorts

    Thanks for sharing, Jackson. Good luck with everything. I've been riding the road bike this season more than ever. I've found that it can wipe a bad day away quicker than anything.
  7. bluebug32

    No TV???

    I keep hearing that you can reduce your bill by threatening to switch to satellite. This never works with Cablevision, however, because they keep countering with ridiculous excuses for why their service is so much better.
  8. bluebug32

    ***Tuesday GMT***

    rep! Nice one. I have a friend who used to work for the Albany police dept. When he and his partner were bored, they'd go to the park to try to get picked up for money. He's got some great stories...
  9. bluebug32

    What can't you live without?

    And posting pics of my license plate online :p
  10. bluebug32

    ***Monday GMT***

    Road ride Sat., mountain bike Sun. = great weekend!
  11. bluebug32

    Avatar Up for Grabs

    I'm seeing a rather large head
  12. bluebug32

    Trader Joes Mac and Cheese

    Except when you accidently buy the kind that's low sodium and it tastes like the bottom of a shoe.
  13. bluebug32

    Meeting with a mortgage guy on Wed.

    Was that before or after the lube job?
  14. bluebug32

    Dream Vacation??

    The Galapagos was my dream and I finally got to see the islands last year (totally amazing). Now I'd like to get a bike vacation going (Moab, Fruita, etc.)
  15. bluebug32

    Meeting with a mortgage guy on Wed.

    At least it's not the video ;)
  16. bluebug32

    Trader Joes Mac and Cheese

    At work we have a running list of our favorite Trader Joe's items. I think the spinach dip is always near the top. Though I'm currently addicted to their ginger snaps :drool:
  17. bluebug32

    Greatest abomination of a bike

    I saw one of those Tiger bikes on House Hunters. "This couple needs to move into a house with more garage space because they are serious mountain bikers" I lean in closer to the tv as the guy pulls that Tiger down and attempts to bunny hop something in the driveway....
  18. bluebug32

    Meeting with a mortgage guy on Wed.

    Congrats! Are there more basement parties in your future? Cause I don't remember the last one ;) :p
  19. bluebug32

    weird things you put on food

    Awesome. I'm glad Mr. Bacon approves :thumb:
  20. bluebug32

    weird things you put on food

    I break the cardinal sin and put maple syrup on bacon