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  1. Echo

    Bought my first mountain bike yesterday!!

  2. Echo

    Swim and run and new bike... Oh My!

    You can drop 8 grand on a tri bike pretty easy. And it wouldn't be a huge amount better than what stoney got. Someone in marketing figured out that lots of people doing tri have gobs of disposable income.
  3. Echo

    Swim and run and new bike... Oh My!

    Damn, when I bought my bike the fit was included! And to the crybaby roadie comments:
  4. Echo

    Swim and run and new bike... Oh My!

    Nice! Now you just need to drop a couple grand on wheels!
  5. Echo

    Swim and run and new bike... Oh My!

    I used compression socks in the half marathon I ran last year and I think they helped. But I can't imagine using them in a triathlon. After riding position (bike), your next noticeable gains are definitely wheels and helmet. Loose clothing will also cause a lot of drag. Gloves also create drag...
  6. Echo

    Swim and run and new bike... Oh My!

    I was pretty blown away how much faster I was on a tri bike. Same race course, similar conditions, in 2013 on my Bianchi roadie, 20 miles took 1:04:37, in 2014 on BMC Time Machine, 20 miles took 56:55. Yes I know I'm slow, but I'm less slow on the TT bike.
  7. Echo

    My trip to Nepal and Mount Everest Base Camp

  8. Echo

    Random Picture Thread

    Quoting spam is just as bad as posting spam and causes more work for mods. Just sayin.
  9. Echo

    2011 NFL Thread

    How did it take the Bills until the 4th quarter to figure out that guy can't snap the ball?
  10. Echo

    Washington picture extravaganza

    Sweet, I gotta remember to look at the ride reports forum more often.
  11. Echo

    Trip report: Switzerland, Italy, France

    I can't believe this thread is still here. Most awesome vacation ever.
  12. Echo

    Does this look like a man that drinks cheap beer?

    what the...
  13. Echo

    Thompson stem on chainlove. Is this spam?

    $52.99 Thompson Elite stem for the next 30 minutes...
  14. Echo

    My Personal Hell

    And Aerosmith kicks ass, by the way. I could probably pretend I hate them so a few people would think I'm cool, but that just sounds like work.
  15. Echo

    My Personal Hell

    I had a dream where I wished there was a button that allowed me to "like" this thread on facebook. But there was no button so I "liked" Aerosmith instead.
  16. Echo

    Happy Birthday Echo!!

    Thanks guys! I think Splat has more pictures of me than I do :D
  17. Echo

    Does anybody read [books] anymore?

    Dude good call on the George RR Martin. Just finished books 1-4 myself. Wish he would hurry the f*ck up and finish Dance With Dragons. Other recent good reads - AJ Jacobs "The Know-It-All" and Chuck Klosterman "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs". And George RR Martin's "Tuf Voyaging" was pretty...
  18. Echo

    Remember that girl from high school?

    I went to my 25 year HS reunion last summer. All the people who thought they were hot sh!t in high school are fat and scary now, both the dudes and and the chicks. The people they looked down on through HS, for the most part, have held up much better. As I was leaving the reunion about 2...
  19. Echo

    Throwing in the towel

    Good luck, I know you will land on your feet.
  20. Echo

    Hit and Run Driver on My Commute in today.

    Wow, that is scary... glad to hear you are OK. Hope they find the bastard.