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  1. Tenchiro

    burning .avi to DVD, sound track problems?

    I actually pulled that off the internet at the time, I think it may be from Linux. I was at work and it was just the best example I could find, since I had no video files on this PC. It gives the same info just on a differently named tab. Although depending on what kind of file it is and what...
  2. Tenchiro

    burning .avi to DVD, sound track problems?

  3. Tenchiro

    burning .avi to DVD, sound track problems?

    The summary tab should have the info
  4. Tenchiro

    burning .avi to DVD, sound track problems?

    The file itself, if you right click on from windows and choose properties there should be a tab that list the audio and video encoding. Something like this;
  5. Tenchiro

    burning .avi to DVD, sound track problems?

    right click on the file in question and check the last tab. It will list the video and audio encoding info.
  6. Tenchiro

    burning .avi to DVD, sound track problems?

    what audio format do the problematic files use? Might be something other than like MP3 and not decompressing well.
  7. Tenchiro

    if yer gonna be dumb...

    god bless technology so easy to use any idiot can film themselves doing stupid crap and put it out there for the world to see. :D
  8. Tenchiro

    POLYGAMY: Please help me understand why....

    You know what monogamy and bigamy have in common? They are both one wife too many! :bonk: I dunno if there is a link to go along with this, but if someone is going to rape underage girls I don't want that person raising other kids who are going to learn his bad judgment. Plus, who can take...
  9. Tenchiro

    Nooooooo, pot doesn't effect your brain...

    This is less evidence that pot makes you dumb, than it is that dumb people smoke pot too.
  10. Tenchiro

    Wine Recommendations

    I am unsure about those options, but generally for those types of wines anything from Australia is a hell of a good value. Yellow Tail being my usual go to. http://www.yellowtailwineusa.com/wines/shiraz_grenache/ is my current favorite. Actually now that I think about it I had a bottle of Rex...
  11. Tenchiro

    Pictures of old and obscure suspension bikes

    Not sure if this one has been posted but I just came across it.
  12. Tenchiro

    Going to the Olympic Torch Protest: What should I do?

    Dress up a bunch of friends in Chinese Army uniforms, march with the runner and taunt the crowd :D
  13. Tenchiro

    Olympic Flame Now 'Symbolizes A Repressive Regime'

    http://www.michaelparenti.org/Tibet.html This is an interesting read on Tibet, I first looked at it after watching Penn & Teller's Bullsh*t where they tore down some popular misconceptions about Mother Theresa, Gandhi, etc. I have heard since that it is a product of Chinese propaganda, but it...
  14. Tenchiro

    Vista Halp

    The cake is a lie!
  15. Tenchiro

    Manimal's a big bad meanie (or not)!

    ...the first time. :monkey:
  16. Tenchiro

    Manimal's a big bad meanie (or not)!

    This is the internet version of speeding or running a red light while having weed in your trunk. If you have a grow operation, keep a low profile and don't publicize your stash. Plus the guy brought it on himself for being a douche. If it were me though, I wouldn't have called the cops, but I...
  17. Tenchiro

    Favorite Firefox Extensions?

    Adblock w/ Filterset.G Updater -> No ads, no configuration. Win/win. Fasterfox -> I turn off the pre-fetching but it is noticably faster. Forecastfox -> It is nice to plan rides around. Stumbleupon -> Ultimate time waster. :monkey: Better Gmail 2 -> Allows for gtalk at work when you force...
  18. Tenchiro

    Coolest puppetshow ever!

    http://pishdolls.co.uk/ace_of_spades_15mb.mov :rockout:
  19. Tenchiro

    I think it's time....

    How can you go wrong?
  20. Tenchiro

    Grips - Thick or thin?

    I ran personagrip tape for a long time, it was tacky and molded for my hands. The problem is that you can swap them out. I would like to find some thin ODI blanks so I could wrap the personagrip around them. Overall I prefer thinner grips and gloves with minimal padding. But the ODI...