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  1. robdamanii

    ~~ GMT Monday 8-30 ~~

    Ugh. Looks like the wife will be job-hunting again in the near future. Otherwise, short road ride with a lot of climbing and bottled the first batch of home brew. Here's hoping it comes out well.
  2. robdamanii

    ~~~Monday GMT~~~

    Weekend sucked. Friday I inadvertently got involved in an attempted suicide while hiking at Bash Bish Falls. Girl swallowed a bottle of pills and a bottle of liquor and tried to kill herself. Found her lying on the edge of the overlook. Fun times. Monday stinks as usual. Is it 6 yet?
  3. robdamanii

    Text book prices WTF

    Unless the previous student did poorly in the class...
  4. robdamanii

    An ebay listing for stevew and GFF.

    Funny that the "Suggested Products" consist of all racks on this page for me...
  5. robdamanii

    ~~ Monday GMT (booo Monday) 8/16 ~~

    Rode 35 miles on the road Saturday with the wife and a couple friends. Huge BBQ followed, and our first batch of homebrew was started Saturday afternoon. Spent yesterday lounging like a slug. I still hate Mondays.
  6. robdamanii

    ~~~ Tuesday GMT~~~

    Woke up from "sleeping like the dead" at 5:00. Grumpy at work and trying not to take it out on everyone here.
  7. robdamanii

    ~~ Monday GMT 8/9/10 ~~

    Sort of. Sometimes neither I nor the wife think so... Work sucks. Drink coffee and beer and be merry.
  8. robdamanii

    The Knot

    What'd you do, get hitched in East Burke?
  9. robdamanii

    ~~ Monday GMT 8/9/10 ~~

    My boss is a twonk. Other than that, looks like I'll be switching back to my old office in a couple months. I've had enough abuse... Otherwise, had a nice weekend in NYC.
  10. robdamanii

    The Knot

    Congrats. I did the same almost a month ago. Great feeling.
  11. robdamanii

    Chiropractic Medicine

    No comment from me...
  12. robdamanii

    -- GMT Thursday --

    Been ages since posting in here. Light schedule in the morning, jam packed in the afternoon. Should be done with patients by 5:45 and home by 6:15. Probably no ride tonight due to the pending rain. Maybe tomorrow before heading to a memorial service with the wife.
  13. robdamanii


    Sucks to hear. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  14. robdamanii

    ***Thursday GMT***

    Morning folks. Wrist still hurts pretty good, but I think I'm going to try and go for a nice long mountain bike ride over the weekend. Wrap and brace, and hope for the best. Otherwise, nothing new. Same sh!t, different day.
  15. robdamanii

    ***Thursday GMT***

    Happy Thursday. Friday here yet? Still dealing with a fractured wrist and residual road rash from a fall on some rocks in CA and a road bike crash. Not going to be much riding this weekend. Otherwise, life is just ducky.
  16. robdamanii

    ***Tuesday GMT***

    Morning. A regular Tuesday working late. Should be a busy day today though, so it ought to go quickly. Spent some time riding on Sunday with all the nice sunshine. Hoping to spend most of the coming weekend riding as well.
  17. robdamanii

    ***Thursday GMT***

    Not a good week this week, punctuated by yesterday. Not a lot to say about it at this point either.
  18. robdamanii

    ***Wednesday GMT***

    Afternoon. Still sick, but getting better. Probably back to work tomorrow, will make for a very short week. Weather is so damned nice, but I'm in no mood or condition to ride. That, and my road bike has an annoying creak that I just can't seem to locate and eradicate. Stosh, you ride at...
  19. robdamanii

    PIIHB Uh oh.

    I've been out living life. Hookers and blow, you know?