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    1996 Giant ATX one vs 2015 Glory timed DH run comparison. Wow

    I tend to think that there would be a very large margin if you were to take a current top pro and repeat it. The old bike may have been near its limits but i bet that new giant had alot left in the tank... How did his time stack up against the recent pro times from this track a few weeks back?
  2. demo 9

    My mom thinks I'm cool.

    Not much to say except it is a year old and sent through the air sideways or flat. Hit east coast rox, survived... Not VPP http://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/1887512/
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    Musical chair game 2016 or Teh offseason prophecy

    Gwin has always had that development team with ODI, perhaps he plans on taking it all the way?
  4. demo 9

    Musical chair game 2016 or Teh offseason prophecy

    Gwin starts a new YT world cup team?
  5. demo 9

    Musical chair game 2016 or Teh offseason prophecy

    Athertons are "trekking" across country?
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    Calling the DH Monkies: Choosing a DH sled

    Why not stop by Canfield and throw a leg over a jedi? They are in bellingham, dont break, and remain made of metal.
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    Gwin not on Fox in ODI advertisement

    But did he intent?
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    Dual crown Endurbru fork

    Not that one but id ride a triple crown enduro fork in a heart beat. Big guys like me flex the shit outa the little forks. Why loose weight if i could just buy a stronger fork. This is american enduro racing! But for real, id rock a triple crown trail fork
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    Bike storage, apartment edition

    I see the pole but no girl? Must be defective
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    The worst good component you've purchased

    Formula brakes But i also hated the 11-14 demos. Fun park bike but garbage in the rough stuff.
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    Windham WC DH 2015 - Murricaaa!

    Windham will NOT have a WC in 2016. They will have another UCI (sanctioned?) race with points. Things look very promising for 2017. The delegates are bummed that they called off since it was one of the best events so far. (literally)
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    Pictures of you riding a mountain bike (Any wheelsize and type of MTB allowed)

    Sending a jump to flat on the world cup course, Testing does not always go as planned!
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    New DH bike opinions

    You would sell the bos... ur nuts, thats the best money can buy... Dibs
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    650b DH rig on jumps

    Didnt notice a difference jumping the 2014 jedi to the 2015. Whips crank the same, scrubs are a bit easier, probably due to the momentum. Ill also agree the traction is incredible on 27s
  15. demo 9

    Small Creek gopro edit

    just an added effect i put to the double bottom out.
  16. demo 9

    Small Creek gopro edit

    Jumps and Blink-182, whats not to love? http://www.pinkbike.com/video/414380/#top
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    Lenzerheide - Jackalope missedthe boat

    Lets just say it was not as buffed out and smooth until a certain group of people complained it was too rocky... Rock Jesus instagram said it pretty well...
  18. demo 9

    Lenzerheide - Jackalope missedthe boat

    Oh the stories i could (cant) share about Windham 2014....
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    Lenzerheide - Jackalope missedthe boat

    I could deal without the screaming at the top of her lungs every time her rider gets a podium. you dont see it with any other team manager/riders. Does jesus scream when Gwin wins?
  20. demo 9

    Lenzerheide - Jackalope missedthe boat

    Gwin looked horrible today. Somebody plz punch kathy sessler in the throat bummed loic blew it in the last turn, i think he would have done it