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  1. OGRipper

    ***Wacky Wednesderp GMT***

    Hang in there Sando. Update on pushup challenge: I did 120 yesterday, but not sure about today. Recovery days are good.
  2. OGRipper

    ***le Tuesday GMT***

    Same, but my kids have four legs each. Definitely not missing the need to commute, and I'm being pretty productive with the whole WFH thing. I'm planning to work at home more often once we get through this. Anyone cut their own (or their SO's) hair yet?
  3. OGRipper

    ***Definitely a Monderp GMT***

    Yep, but I've been working up to it for years.
  4. OGRipper

    ***Definitely a Monderp GMT***

    Absolutely. I'm all about a balanced regimen. :D
  5. OGRipper

    ***Definitely a Monderp GMT***

    I'm in for this as well. I start by doing as many as I can in the first set. Currently up to around 55. Then I split whatever's left into 2 sets. If you have a corner, kitchen counter dips are pretty good too.
  6. OGRipper

    Random Food Thread.

    ^^^Damn, that burger and pizza both look GOOOOOOOD! Just put Korean-style short ribs in the oven. And now we wait...
  7. OGRipper

    Official Covid-19 what are you drinking now..........

    Found two bottles of vodka in the cupboard and although we never drink the stuff, decided that a rainy Saturday was a good time for spicy Ceasars (inspired in part by some good friends in Canuckistan). Pretty damn good! Got some mix left and may go cowboy-style later today.
  8. OGRipper

    Trust me...

    It sucks to see a bunch of people lose jobs and money over this. I think the concept has a lot of potential despite several hurdles, and I hope this doesn't discourage others from giving it a go.
  9. OGRipper

    Official Covid-19 what are you drinking now..........

    Havana Club is an all-time fave of mine, props for that. It's not available to buy in the US but I make a point of finding some when I travel. Also working my way through a bottle of Redemption. Agreed, good quality and value. Anyone have an Infinity Bottle? Interesting idea...
  10. OGRipper

    Official Covid-19 what are you drinking now..........

    Coffee at the moment, but I made a solid batch of negroni for happy hour yesterday (Sapphire, Campari, and Punt e Mes), followed by some Redbreast for sipping later on. Happy to report that I've never had that problem with Eagle Rare, it's one of my go-to bourbons.
  11. OGRipper

    Official Covid-19 what are you drinking now..........

    Happy hour seems to arrive just a bit earlier every day... Today we're into some Kentucky mules with fresh ginger beer, rye, and a little lime.
  12. OGRipper

    We all gon die. The pandemic thread.

    Thought the same but on further investigation I think the data is flawed. Look at Japan and South Korea. :D
  13. OGRipper

    Thursday? Yep, it's Thursday.

    Whole pigs in general are great. The underground way is super rad and always a fun party. If I had to pick though, personally I'd go with slow cooking on a spit over open flame for crispy skin. :drool: One time we had a party with a whole pig and two whole lambs cooked on Argentinian spits...
  14. OGRipper

    Thursday? Yep, it's Thursday.

    Day 10 of lockdown. Went to my office today to get some computer hardware and mail and shit. SF and Oakland are ghost towns, but I did see a handful of solo skaters around enjoying themselves in all the open space. All our parks are basically shut down. Planning a cyclocross ride later. (Am...
  15. OGRipper

    Random Food Thread.

    This may be obvious but maybe move the stone and pizza to a lower rack in the oven, so the bottom is closer to the heat source. You could also cover the top loosely with foil for part of the cook time.
  16. OGRipper

    ***Le tuesderp GMT***

    RIP to your furrball, @Sandwich. Day 8 of the lockdown here in SF. Still haven't gone through my sock drawer, so that's something to look forward to. :rolleyes:
  17. OGRipper


    I'm in San Francisco. No real enforcement yet that I've experienced or heard of, at least not in the sense of handing out tickets or having checkpoints, etc. However, they're starting to shut down public parks and beaches after seeing big crowds the last few days, and I've heard that certain...
  18. OGRipper


    My guess it that it will be a mix. Some people will be forced to sell, I suppose. But I expect that most people who own the really nice ones are probably not going to be as desperate. I understand trying to find a deal but buying a van like this is never going to be a good financial move.
  19. OGRipper

    interesting.....self serve beer/wine room

    These are fun, once, but the novelty wears off quickly for me. Young people with limited attention spans seem to like them better. (Get off my lawn!)
  20. OGRipper

    I Need a New Coffee Maker

    10X, really now? The Aeropress is kind of neat and extracts flavor by pressure, sort of like a good espresso machine, but I wouldn't go that far. JK, I'm talking about the Rancilio Silvia.