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  1. BurlyShirley

    Just woke from coma, Trump prez, wtf?

    ...served your time on the beef council.
  2. BurlyShirley

    Just woke from coma, Trump prez, wtf?

    Just a 1x9 cross check with flat bars and knobbies. Pretty basic but I like it and gets the job done.
  3. BurlyShirley

    Just woke from coma, Trump prez, wtf?

    All seriousness, hope you guys are doing well. I recently got a new bike and was thinking about this place so figured I'd drop in, say hello. Dunno that I'll contribute much, but all's well on my end.
  4. BurlyShirley

    Just woke from coma, Trump prez, wtf?

    What the hell happened?
  5. BurlyShirley

    Now...are the FOXES!!!

    I wouldnt worry about them at all. They can't really harm you, and eat mostly rodents. Should keep stray cats away as well. Id love to have some on my property.
  6. BurlyShirley

    DNC Propaganda Machine...0-60, already

    Pretty much everyone here already knows everyone else's views/ideas. If you want to debate something, start a thread. Dont come in here bitching about how we ought to post.
  7. BurlyShirley

    I must be a homosexual

    The first time I read this post, I read it "OP Restrepo" instead of Operation Repo. I was like "WTF, that was fake?" Heh...
  8. BurlyShirley

    NHL 2010-11 regular season thread...

    You guys know it's not the regular season anymore, right?
  9. BurlyShirley

    What are you listening to!?!

  10. BurlyShirley

    Because every circus needs a side show.

    Well, it was ruled constitutionally protected free speech. If you amend the constitution...
  11. BurlyShirley

    What is Biker Fox trying to pull?

    Care to elaborate? Is he out raising weirdo awareness?
  12. BurlyShirley

    I must be a homosexual

    Glee sucks, but not as badly as "So you think you can dance". My wife watches both. I spend those evenings banging my head against the wall to the beat of "please kill me" in morse code like the dude in that Metallica video.
  13. BurlyShirley

    going to go Fly Fishing

    Plenty of info on the internet. Casting well takes a bit to learn, but you can catch fish your first trip out for sure. Or, you could always take a class or go out with a guide and learn really quickly.
  14. BurlyShirley

    Because every circus needs a side show.

    I say it's a positive. I think she can pull Romney to the right on all the social stuff. He'll have to act/talk like just as much of a lunatic to beat her in the primaries.
  15. BurlyShirley

    @@@National Strwberry Shortcake Day GMT@@@

    Job interview today. Really need it to go well. Isn't scheduled until 1:30 but I took the whole day off anyway.
  16. BurlyShirley

    Few shots from down under

    Have they tried slipping one of those beet slices onto your cheeseburger yet? F***ing freaks down there.
  17. BurlyShirley

    Why would the Gingrichs owe 500k to Tiffany's?

    So... Jack Nicholson as the joker then?
  18. BurlyShirley

    America, fat AND dumb.

    A lot of it really boils down to laziness. It's much easier in the short term to live life fat and stupid, than it is to actually put in the effort to be smart and fit. I haven't been everywhere on this planet, but I feel confident in saying that nowhere else can you get by so well by doing so...
  19. BurlyShirley

    Pics to show why the harley locked up at 65mph

    Chris Bosch looks exactly like Sebulba from the new Star Wars. Edit: This isn't the random thought thread. Hmmmm....