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  1. jstuhlman

    {( * )} =^._.^= Friderppday =^._.^= {( * )}

    ...wife-bot on when she runs a 5k later this evening. maybe squeeze in a ride tomorrow? kiddo's supposed to play in his last football game of the fall but he borked his ankle at rugby practice earlier in the week, so we shall see. headed to the beach on sunday for annual family gathering week...
  2. canadmos

    œœœœœ Wednesday GTM çççççç

    @AngryMetalsmith HBD! :cheers: :cheers: Ride night. Looks shitty outside, has basically been cloudy and rainy since Saturday. I need to get a new derailleur for the bike as well. That thing is borked.
  3. SkaredShtles

    What have you broken on your bike recently?

    I borked my front rim recently and have an EX511 with 350 hub on the way as a replacement...
  4. jstuhlman

    ~~"sunny day gmt"~~

    having lunch with mom after dad gets done with church; family friend coming over for a visit this afternoon; probably getting together with some childhood friends tonight. glad shutdown was averted/postponed so my flight home tomorrow won't get borked. have a good one, y'all!
  5. rideit

    Broken internally hosted images

    A little borked for me tonight, had to come at it from different angles. any word?
  6. kidwoo

    <<<<< Thursday gtm ©©©©©

    not at the moment, snow's not too good I do have ambitions this winter that will probably remain more board than plank focused
  7. Nick

    <<<<< Thursday gtm ©©©©©

    are you skiing again?? back and associated borked parts feeling better?
  8. kidwoo

    The "wherethefuckdoesthisbelonganyway" thread

    buy an e-phone
  9. Toshi

    The "wherethefuckdoesthisbelonganyway" thread

    all 3 of these images are borked for me inline. middle one deigned to load upon reply go figure
  10. jstuhlman

    •{|}•Friday Damnit•{|}•

    you could alternate with "read between the lies" for variety! and sorry your post-exam vacay is so borked @stoney and condolences, @Jozz - that sucks. congrats to @rideit for not breaking himself off on his ride yesterday and @Sandwich for the promotion!
  11. HardtailHack

    Mondayest Tuesday

    Watching my boss scream at his Samsung phone because there is nothing on his screen when it is ringing is hilarious. "What the fuck do I swipe, fuck, fuck, arrgh, oh fuck it." Hahahaha!
  12. stoney

    Mondayest Tuesday

    We said fuck it about the ice maker. It was too much to fix it, so we bought a countertop one.
  13. jonKranked

    Mondayest Tuesday

    when we bought our fridge we also bought the extended warranty. replaced the icemaker 4 times under the warranty, which definitely made it worth it.
  14. maxyedor

    Mondayest Tuesday

    Whelp, looking like the ice maker on my Samsung fridge is well and truly borked. The fridge is two years old, so it's had a good run. Fuck Samsung, they don't make a single good, or even acceptable product. You may want to see about a new pair of glasses. The Rivian is weird for sure, but...
  15. johnbryanpeters

    £¥Wednesday Humpday£€

  16. rideit

    £¥Wednesday Humpday£€

    Back is still borked. I would go to a chiropractor if they weren't all kooks.
  17. FlipFantasia

    Lourdes Test Event

    Was chatting to his dad on Saturday during local club event and apparently he still needs to actually have them removed at some point too!
  18. vivisectxi

    Lourdes Test Event

    Damn, seems Jackson bounced back from the borked appendix rather rapidly. Kids, hey?
  19. johnbryanpeters

    《《《 Thursday, February 16, of the year 2023 》》》

    You'll also get this on occasion, just shouldn't happen: To which I respond with rem Restart Windows Explorer, use if icons on taskbar disappear. rem ------------------------ taskkill /f /im explorer.exe start explorer.exe