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  1. ScooterBlastoff

    Lenzerheide - Jackalope missedthe boat

    Brendog should be okay since he is protected. Hopefully his thumb is feeling well enough to hold on for finals. Also, for the wishlist I would like to see Neko take is first win tomorrow, for America.
  2. ScooterBlastoff

    2012 team rumour and speculation

    Could we all have missed it? Bryceland to Specialized? This has Brice Mim... http://instagram.com/p/UNGSh4wXtI/ *My excitement got the best of me that's not how you spell Miami... sorry
  3. ScooterBlastoff

    Announcing the 2013 Pro Gravity Tour

    hate all you want but I'm going to go a ahead and say it... I miss norba :shocked:
  4. ScooterBlastoff

    WC#6 Val D' Isere (FRA)

    So it's a wanna be Willingen then? :D I agree that Windham is fun to watch I love the look of this track, and tracks like champery, schlaming and that sort. Steep and rough, but I am fail to think of any US track that fits those criteria. Maybe the old NORBA track in Idaho? Just trying to come...
  5. ScooterBlastoff

    WC#6 Val D' Isere (FRA)

    Isn't every track a track for Gwin?
  6. ScooterBlastoff

    Fort William World Cup DH 2012- official?

    Just because its Fort William and he is Peaty... I'm taking Steve Peat for the top step of the box (disclaimer: I know this is unlikely, but I can dream can't I?)
  7. ScooterBlastoff

    Val di Sole 2012 - Official Thread?

    How my fan boiness would like the results to turn out... 1.) Sam Hill 2.) Brendog 3.) Stevie Smith 4.) Minnaar 5.) Needles
  8. ScooterBlastoff

    a lesbian trapped in a mans body

    In the song Ocean, off the album New Wave he says "... and if I could have chosen I would have been born a woman." Sadly their music started sucking around '05 so good for him i guess:thumb:
  9. ScooterBlastoff

    Sea Otter 2012 Live Thread: DH, Slalom, GEAR!!

    top 5 DH- 1. Graves 2. Mick 3. Gwin 4. Lopes 5. Neko
  10. ScooterBlastoff

    Pietermaritzburg - 2012 WC DH#1

    I'd love to see Hill come back and dominate like did in 07 and shut up all the doubters. That being said, I have my doubts...
  11. ScooterBlastoff

    Pietermaritzburg - 2012 WC DH#1

    ^ redbull media house is doing live feed of all the world cups
  12. ScooterBlastoff

    Yeti SB66

    Your sb66's are making my 575 jealous :D. Great looking bikes
  13. ScooterBlastoff

    Big loss in the skiing community...

    It's been taken care of... sounds like canadian insurance kicked in as well as fellow skiers stepped up and footed the bill. If there is any good coming out of this tragedy, it's proof of how tight knit the skiing community is...
  14. ScooterBlastoff

    For cru

    That episode is so so rad (pun intended), there a more Rad bmx scenes in that episode as well.
  15. ScooterBlastoff

    2012 team rumour and speculation

    Personally, I prefer the pic of her in a skin suit :thumb:
  16. ScooterBlastoff

    Top 10

    Boulder isn't very MTB friendly. (Yes, I do understand we have some trails but we also have beautiful trail-less mountains sitting there mocking us.)
  17. ScooterBlastoff

    2012 team rumour and speculation

    Looks like even LEGO is in on Brendan going to Scott. Downhill Mountain Bike LEGOs? - Features - Vital MTB
  18. ScooterBlastoff

    Any of you ever make furniture?

    the bench or the girl?
  19. ScooterBlastoff

    New/Best Videos

    the next level thread on this forum :thumb:
  20. ScooterBlastoff

    Random Picture Thread

    I'm not really a fan of the vette... However, that is incredibly rad