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    New look for my carbon hardtail, and a questions

    fork bushings. i bet its that. feels like a headset issue.
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    city owned dirt jump parks

    wch is right. arbor and sunset rule. but gunbarrel has a line so big it blows your mind. elliot hoover on the inside line at gunbarrel
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    dig sessions- 10/14 thru 10/18

    pix from todays build sesh. http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=137097
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    dig sessions- 10/14 thru 10/18

    if your down to dig were building on the property today, sat, sun, mon and tue. looking for a few people who want to join the build crew. im racing next year so the trails will be as much dh as freeride. and a dual slalom is in the plans. call me for directions (its off i-70s exit 232 10 miles...
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    Anyone need a left side XT shifter???

    take it bean. im on the fence with new bike questions so im gonna just use my old sram if i need it.
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    Anyone need a left side XT shifter???

    i need one bad. 6 pack for sure. i live in empire but may be nearby thiis week. mark 720-635-7429
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    2006 Boxxer internals in 2005 Boxxer

    well keep us informed. that sounds sweet.
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    My hands get tire!

    adjust the lever throw to be as close to the bar as possible. its a small allen screw in the base of the lever. position the hoods at an angle that allows you to reach them comfortably at a dh angle. when riding place your weight in your pedals as much as possible. think pedals/bb. less weight...
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    build session/shuttle run

    alright monkies this sunday i am building on my property and afterwards im gonna debut my new shuttle run. working on three stunts and singletrack/jumps on the property. then hitting a recently cleared ancient mining/fs trail thats nearly 2.5 miles/2000 ft vert. meeting at my cottage in empire...
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    224s have arrived!

    thanks. i was hoping you had weighed the tasty orange frame (10lbs?) i can read that you think a complete build will be less than 36 but was just wonderin if you weighed the frame.
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    224s have arrived!

    what was the build on the 38lb 223? and how much does the 224 with dhx air weigh? just curious.
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    why are women slower

    in any sport that involves large muscle movement men seem to dominate due to genetics. but in sports that mostly rely on hand/eye coordination women do well and are getting much better as they get more involved at younger ages. the best example of that is auto racing. the most successful...
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    Full Cycle Scam

    bite me. i apologized to the kid. let it go. i did get a pm threatening my life and i am not happy about it. over a legal trail. i should not have brought it up here but im serious about finding out who posted it.
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    45' Creek Gap, It did go off & will continue!

    that rider in the first shot is of course eliot hoover. boulders best. way to go man. i have ridden with that guy many times and he is sick.
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    45' Creek Gap, It's about to go off!

    agreed. mike would own and monkies get all snatchy real quick. i for one will meet wch at silverton and go for that gap too. just needs a little dial in on the landing. elliot hoover is there right now and i bet he hits it this weekend. wch im off aug. 17-23 and thinking of heading down there...
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    Biking related lawsuit (another broken neck story)

    well as long as a private landowner does not charge a fee for use of his property, and he is not guily of malicous intent, he is not liable for anyones inujury/suffering. thats about as plain jane as i can make it (and obviously i cannot divulge any more legal strategy dr. bour. anyone who asks...
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    Biking related lawsuit (another broken neck story)

    sk6 like i said i dont even know what wintergreen but im sure they were not responsible for your injury. and since you wont even explain it i still think you are a person that would sue first and ask questions later. i never attacked transcend. but you are a different story. anyone who posts...
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    Best DH Resort?

    yo evan i saw that you raced at t-ride. nice to see you are over the gunbarrel crash. good work.
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    Biking related lawsuit (another broken neck story)

    man you need a reality check. the reason we have problems with liability is because of people like you. you broke a rib and thought about going to court? and you first post included this: Quote: Originally Posted by sirknight6 That being said, the landowner, is in all likelihood liable...
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    Biking related lawsuit (another broken neck story)

    good one!! but the bay area is like one mil an acre. if my bike shop/tour dealie (i am opening a small shop in empire, co and gonna offer tours to tourists. the land that the bike park is on is basically gonna be a play park for locals who want to build/ride. i just want mad trails there because...