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  1. J

    Post your project car!

    my z28
  2. J

    Carbon V10 - vertical play in rear end

    that movement is normal, thats what SC says, happened on all the v10s ive built, which is 4 or 5
  3. J

    Mike Aitken repost cump win vid

    Damn i really wanted to watch this again and now its doesnt work, anyone know where to find it?
  4. J

    My Superco

    Things weak, sorry man, lifes rough, sh#t.
  5. J

    karpiel update at iast!

    this first post rules!, called it perfectly 4 years ago.
  6. J

    F*CK Foam Pits

    I broke my knee cap a few years ago, luckily i didnt need surgery cause the bones were still aligned. Still took 3 months to heal, but its perfect now.
  7. J

    Going to Park City, UT late April

    Slc/I street is about 35 min. from Park City.
  8. J

    Going to Park City, UT late April

    Bring it to ride in slc!
  9. J

    Recommend a entry-level 20"er...

    Fit trail or kink.
  10. J

    Riding pictures! and Bike check.

    You got em no problem! my advice for inverts is learn them airing out of quarters, seemed to make them easier for me.
  11. J

    Riding pictures! and Bike check.

    you have a white josh stricker frame right?
  12. J

    Riding pictures! and Bike check.

    having it tilted helps me clear my leg on turndowns,inverts, and indowns. i slide off sometimes when i sit down but whatever. Ohh and for stick'n it home and riding on too. haha.
  13. J

    Riding pictures! and Bike check.

    Send me a message if your ever in pc and we'll go ride!
  14. J

    Riding pictures! and Bike check.

    the outside picture is from a about 6 months ago, and its in oakley utah, about 20 minutes from park city. The park city skatepark does not allow bikes:(
  15. J

    Riding pictures! and Bike check.

    Thanks everyone! and yeah i ride my seat pretty angled.
  16. J

    I need some fashion advice!

    white would look good.
  17. J

    20" vs 26"

    And for your question. If it was me i would buy a 20in, but you should buy what you think you will be more comfortable on. Dont waste your money on the wrong bike, a 26 and a 20 are completely different bikes and riding styles, so i personally think you should make the choice.
  18. J

    20" vs 26"

    Ummmmm? what are you talking about? please explain.
  19. J

    Riding pictures! and Bike check.

    Mutiny Burlish 21.5 odyssey classic stem/ race classic fork Fit sky bars, cut to 28 primo balance front wheel odyssey v3/hazard lite rear wheel khe tires wombolt cranks hamilton pedals aitken seat you get the idea!