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    2015 Specialized Demo and Enduro Evo

    Not a Ducati. ;) The MV Agusta is one of my favorite bikes, however. Seriously though, single-sided swingarms have not been a real success in motorcycle racing in a long time. Ducati uses them on their current superbike because the Ducati 999 was seen as a design failure compared to the...
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    New to Seattle Area (Bellevue)

    Thanks. Checked out Duthie Hill and had a blast.
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    New to Seattle Area (Bellevue)

    Just move to Bellevue last week from the Bay Area and would love to know what areas are good for some fun riding.
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    Finally, a reason for dork logging?

    Wow Britan and Holland.
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    Eff da po-lice some more

    There is no "passive" recording.
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    Fuzzy math...

    It would have been great if Melvin had done that instead of complaining that kids will have to do more than just count with their hands. I have to admit that Melvin did not appear to know the term variables and even equated it to pornography on his scale of horrors is quite amusing to me...
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    happy late birthday to the law...

    Thanks! Taking a break from riding and enjoying the snow. :D
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    And today is ruined...

    Bart just told me. I still can't believe that happened.
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    Trek wins over DW

    Only if it is in color.
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    Trek wins over DW

    No problem. The right to appeal a verdict is intended to prevent legal errors and to ensure that Judges and juries follow the law. If you didn't have the right to appeal, then you would be unable to do anything if a Judge decided to ignore the law. What if your neighbor sued you claiming...
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    Trek wins over DW

    :D Unintended comedy.
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    Trek wins over DW

    Speculation is always a lot more fun. Carry on then.
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    Trek wins over DW

    Improving on a patent does not mean the improvement (even if patented) does not infringe the original patent. The subject matter of an improvement patent can still infringe another. Without reading the opinion, it is clear that the Judge found that DW patents are valid and enforceable patents...
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    So specialized is working up to their slogan again.

    There are few actual cut and dry IP cases. Certainly not when it comes to patent cases or trade secret misappropriation. Cut and dry disputes are usually resolved before a lawsuit is filed.
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    So specialized is working up to their slogan again.

    Big companies file lawsuits all the time, even if they don't have a home run. They may even feel compelled to file a lawsuit even if they have a ****ty case to avoid weakening the mark. Tey probably suspect that the owner will not -- or can not -- put up a real fight. As to your second...
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    "Breaking Bad" Thread

    Mediocre sounds a bit harsh. Frankly, I was surprised they could do as much as they did in one hour. I liked that Walt took responsibility and admitted that he did it all for himself and not the family. Even though Walt had tried to protect Jesse before, this was probably the only episode...
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    You've got $1500 to buy a DH bike. What do you get?

    I have no idea how they measured that, but I rode one at Winter Park last year and couldn't stop my knees from hitting the handlebar. It just felt cramped. And, I am one inch shorter than our loveable curmudgeon Mark. I also rode one a couple years back at Northstar and I had the same issue...
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    You've got $1500 to buy a DH bike. What do you get?

    From my memory, a large Glory will make him look like a panda on a tricycle. At least they used to be the last time I rode one.
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    Enduro vs Rune vs Yeti SB66 vs ?

    You may want to think about the Ibis Mojo HDR or the SC Bronson. I love my Ibis and think it is one of the best bikes out there -- at least for me. The SC Bronson also has got some great feedback from people I know. However, different bikes suit different people so you got to take people's...
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    You've got $1500 to buy a DH bike. What do you get?

    I recommend a Michelin suit for protection. ;) Seriously though, what happened this time?