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    3 Hardtails - Which would you choose?

    1-Specialized Stumpjumper evo 29. http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bikes/mountain/sjht/stumpjumperevo29 2- Specialized Carve pro 29. http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bikes/mountain/carve/carvepro 3-Trek Stache 8...
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    Maybe a stupid Queston but...

    i'm going to ask anyways.LOL Since i got my bike i have used Presta valved tubes. Can i switch to schrader? I don't think there is a difference but wasnt sure if the hole on the wheel were different?I ask because My hand pump that i pack with me while riding has bent Presta valves a few times...
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    New guy and a few questions

    Yeah nothing wrong with a few bike parts hanging around. Adds some coolness to my shed.Hahahaha
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    New guy and a few questions

    Won't be able to ge to get a bike fit. I live in a smaller city in Northern AB Canada. I ordered a new sten and handle bars a few days back. Will update when i receive them.
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    New guy and a few questions

    Thanks for the reply Casey.
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    New guy and a few questions

    Here is a picture of my Stem and handle bar.
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    New guy and a few questions

    Hi everyone. I'm a avid cross country rider and currently have a Specialized FSR stumpjumper. I love the bike overall but I just want to tweak one thing with it. With the flat handle bar and stem i have i find im leaning to far forward and find it uncomfortable after riding for awhile. My...