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  1. F.O.G

    A story illegals don't want you to know...

    Sweet. That has to be the best thing I have seen in regard to this whole mess that has errupted recently.
  2. F.O.G

    Any Seao Otter DH hype?.....

    Mike, I have to go to King City today for an appraisal, I will swing by the track and shoot some pic's. I was waiting until it was completly finished but I think the masses want some 4x porn. I will try to post the pics when I get back. Weaver
  3. F.O.G

    Any Seao Otter DH hype?.....

    Not really a grass lot, if you come into Laguna Seca through the main gate and make a right, it is the parking lot to your left just as you cross the first bridge over the race track. The 4x track looks really good!!! Multiple lines through the berms, lots of jumps and rythyms, and the berms are...
  4. F.O.G

    Jill Carroll's Release

    I'm not overly paranoid nor am I really a conspiracy believer, yet something just doesn't seem right about her story. Am I the only one? They showed footage of her before her capture, and she seemed to look less healthy, now she looks loke she has been eating well and fairly rested. Plus, she...
  5. F.O.G

    Any Seao Otter DH hype?.....

    There was a rumor last year that they may be using different parts of the hill for the DH this year, does anybody have any info regarding this or was it just talk?? Plus, since DHtahoe isn't involved this year, will there sill be wooden ladders??? Anybody?? Lastly, is it just me or is there not...
  6. F.O.G

    Any Seao Otter DH hype?.....

    The public range is currently tented and closed. I don't know what the status is on the Police range, but as far as I could tell, there seems to be NO work going on with the DH course from last year, Top to Bottom?? The DS course is coming along nicely, berms, jumps, rythms in the middle of the...
  7. F.O.G

    Ahhh, Otter..."Its like rain...."

    SWEET, I happen to have a brand new set of both of those!!!! Plus a set of Michelin Mud
  8. F.O.G

    Ahhh, Otter..."Its like rain...."

    I will try and get out there today to see what/if any work has been done. Back to the tire question, Anybody???? Stik you beat me to the punch, thanks.
  9. F.O.G

    Ahhh, Otter..."Its like rain...."

    It is currently raiining pretty good today here in Monterey. I don't think the rain is as bad as last year at this time but last year it quit raining about a week out. I have been to the track to check on progress, and as of last week nothing was done yet with the 4x, and the slalom course had...
  10. F.O.G

    Sea Otter XC- New course is a monster

    DO NOT POACH THE DOWNHILL!!!!. The range is less than 500 yards away from the upper most part, or first jump straight. Plus next to the public range is a law enforcement range with different hours of operation, and that range is even closer to different sections of the course. You will probably...
  11. F.O.G

    Anyone seen that new "Hogan Knows Best" commercial on VH1? Talk about sick...

    The second shot with Hogan is with his wife....not his daughter. I saw it twice before I noticed as well.
  12. F.O.G

    The Ferrari music....

    I don't get it, if the guy could make one to fit on his living room table, why not build one 15% bigger and make the coolest go cart ever. It would kill me to have something that cool and no be able to drive/ride it????
  13. F.O.G

    Later Biatch!

    I like your way of thinking. But I do think it would be great if we just cut off OPEC for a month or two, then tell them we will only pay $30 a barrel at a fixed rate. And what is up with that lady's nose????
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    Later Biatch!

    God forbid we use our own resources.
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    The Ferrari music....

    That has to be the most amazing waste of 15 years of a mans life that I have ever seen. I dont mean that in a bad way, that car is amazing. Alexis, I have to agree with you on the 355. The 355 was the first Ferrari I had the pleasue of driving. The car had the TUBI exhaust which made the sound...
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    Daytona Supercross

    Stik, What happened to Bailey??
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    Awesome "freedom" you have down there!

    Chicken eggs that you eat for breakfast are UNFERTILIZED, unlike a human embryo.......nice try though By the way George says HI<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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    "Are they expensive? Yes"

    Not that it matters a whole bunch, but I would not like to think that my Dakota has anything to do with Ford. DaimlerChrysler is the parent company of Dodge/Chrysler and Mercedes.
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    May be my last day at CITY BICYCLE WORKS

    Heath, Good luck to you in the new job. On a side note, are you heading to Sand Hill this weekend for the first slalom race?? The track is done and I am really excited to ride/race on it. Long start straight with a double set of rollers into a long pedal ready first turn into the large step up...
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    The Danes are just evil!

    You mean like when we didn't blow up a mosque when we knew full well that Al Zaquari (sp?) was inside???? That mosque should have been wipped from the map!! How many mosques have been destroyed by their own hands, since then?? I was not justifying the CARTOONS, just commenting on how out of...