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    my new bottlerocket

    welcome to the Transition/B.Rocket family great bike and a great company.
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    Blindside for sure. and keep your riding terrain in mind with your build spec.
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    bottlerocket or dirtbag?

    i have owwned both and for you as with me i would pick the B.Rocket over the Dirtbag. youll find the B.R. much more trail friendly and yet still rip on the lift access mountains. the B.R. really encompassed all of my riding needs and i love to do it all, DJ, DH, FR, XC it truly is a do it all...
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    My rides, part of the Transition Family

    matt2991 id go with the Covert, i owned both the Preston and the Covert, and the Covert frame can handle freeride, just depends on your parts build.
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    bottlerockteers using air 5.0's and air forks

    im running a Fox Talas 36 RC2 on my B.Rocket and the fork is dialed for the bike supper setup, the travel adjusment is a key feature, really lends itself to being an all around do everything bike. and the plushness of the fork is unreal, i have a dhx 5.0 coil in the back so i cant say much...
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    Transmental's bottlerocket

    I also own a pink BottleRocket, the color rocks!! not to mention its a killer bike. i love the B.Rocket
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    advantages of a Ti spring?

    looking to pull the trigger on upgrading my Fox DHX 5.0 coil shock from the stock steel spring to a Ti spring. besides weight what are the advantages of having a Ti spring? is it an upgrade in ride quality/feel? let me know what your thought are, it would be much appreciated. thanks
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    Front derailleur on a Bottlerocket?

    i remember it was a real hassle getting my front der. set up right but i didnt need to make any mod's. im running a Sram x-9 der with dual ring saint cranks and E-13 drs chain guide, shifts and it work like a charm. everything has to be perfect though for it all to function, it was the hardest...
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    West Mountain NY opening for DH/FR

    HA, yeah thats right, i see that rig all over the place. Spory...... were is he at as of late. anyway, good point about the the younger kids, its been what 4-5 years since West was really open. another generation has moved up and is ready for a Mountain to ride on.
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    AM/FR Covert Fork options

    i agree, i also own a Covert and the Fox Talas 36 really shines. super nice setup.
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    36 talas issues

    i had a 2007 Talas that was making a clunk sound when is topped out, i sent it to fox to have it fixed they sent it back with the same problem. i brought it to the fox tent at Mt Snow last year and they couldnt believe how bad it was and that Fox sent it back to me wrong. come to find out the...
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    Mountain Biking and Camping

    Back Country Excurssions is a fantastic place to go for xc/am mountain biking, and for camping, you can stay in room in the house, he also has big tents outside you can stay in, or you could park you mobile home. the guy provides food he has a wood fired outdoor hot tub and the network of...
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    Building a bike for my wife, could use some advice

    i built a bike for my wife last year, and she really liked it, she is pretty much the same size as your wife. the big things she liked that were different from her other bike, i put a Fox Talas 36RC2, its lighter, has more adjustments and just feels better. also i went for a Fox DHX 5.0 Air...
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    West Mountain NY opening for DH/FR

    im in agreement with all the above statements, and i think i know most of you and have ridden with you as well, probably even built and cleared trails with some as well. the mountain was awesome in its hay day years ago......... but it needs good management and the patients to stick with it to...
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    Ray's :thumb:

    fun place, was there this winter and had a blast. would love to see one in Jersey, i live in New York.
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    West Mountain NY opening for DH/FR

    Just wanted to get the word out to those in the area that West Mountain In Glens Falls, NY my reopen for DH/FR riding. many of you probably remember the Mountain and enjoyed riding there. i hope that the mountain reopens. some of us locals are pushing to have it opened and we are thinking...
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    My rides, part of the Transition Family

    Selling a 2007 Transition Covert, color Blue, Size Small, Fox DHX 5.0 Air rear and Fox Talas 36RC2 front. i posted pictures and detailed discription in the classifieds check it out. i hate to see it go but id love to see the bike go to a good home.
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    Bottlerocket capability question

    i did a few of the Domination races last year at Diablo and did some free riding there as well, it handled the races just fine, my only complaint was in the long rock gardens it tends to get bogged down a little do to the shorter travel, but as far as freeriding goes it can take anything the...
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    another dirtbag question

    ive owned 2 Santa Cruz Bullits and @ Transition Dirtbags, that both take alot of abuse, but i liked the ride/feel of the Dirtbag and the burlyness of the frame over the bullit. and you cant beat the company, TBC is much better to work with and talk to.
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    My rides, part of the Transition Family

    how can you not love options, and the boys at Transition give you lots of them. gotta give it up for TBC.