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  1. martini


    Yup. Teh hottness right there. Nice looking rig Mickey. I'm curious about the fork too. Your impressions so far?
  2. martini

    spring stumpy

    Now you need pedals to match Alex! That red kinda sticks out, obvious-like.
  3. martini

    thoughts on racing?...

    I've been racing my 29"ers for the last 8 or so years in events ranging from standard XC to 6 and 12 hours enduros. I and it seem to do much better at the enduros than at the shorter XC type stuff.
  4. martini

    SS receives a little luv from groovy

    I've tried the Mary's and didn't really like them. The sweep was fine, but the rise got to me. 29"ers are high enough in the front already. I don't need a riser bar up there. I have H bars on the Haro right now, and I'm really liking them. I'm going to try them in a race this Sunday down in the...
  5. martini

    Superfly Singlespeedness

    SyT, just look at all the single speeds out there. Surlys. IROs. Spots. Jamis. Redline. The list goes on, but you get the point, right?
  6. martini

    Superfly Singlespeedness

    Fisher better be prepared for LOTS of begging now. As light as the geared ones are, these should be really light. 15 pound range for sure.
  7. martini

    Avanti K.I.S.S. 29er - I like this!

    Yup. Still a good looking bike.
  8. martini

    Ulitmate Fixxed gear Mtn bike

    Solution? White Industries ENO hub. ANY frame will work then. And they work very well may I add.
  9. martini

    Wolfhound SS Rigid

    Bling-a-rific! Seat posts are cheap. As long as it bends and doesn't snap, what's it really matter? Just sayin'...
  10. martini

    Dragon + 29?

    Shops going quite well, thanks. Plenty for me to do. Keeps 'net surfing down - but I really don't mind that too much. It makes slower moving boards like RM and DR easier to deal with. Mtbeer is too fast, and frankly getting too boring to keep up with.
  11. martini

    Dragon + 29?

    Not to totally derail this thread - but McMG - yes the Exile comes with a geared rear hub, spaced with a single cog. Get this. They use 33/21 gearing. Smart move in my mind. BUT, the cog is a standard geared cog. In combination with track ends, and a standard QR rear hub, this spells jumped...
  12. martini

    Dragon + 29?

    I've got a Dakota on the floor. Pretty nice bike - but then you'd expect me to say that. I doubt I'd ride one though - just not an aluminum fan. Years of Cannondales have turned me off the material. I know its better now...but still that stigma hangs on.
  13. martini

    Dragon + 29?

    Looks great. I'm a dealer for Jamis, and am looking forward to getting one of those in for moi! Is the green matte or glossy?
  14. martini

    650B Haros SNEAK PEAK

    Nice. I like the turns Haro has taken with these and the Mary's. Quality looking stuff!
  15. martini

    Black Buck

    **** - for five bills, that's a great deal, especailly something with that much heritage. Like Mike says, there are a number of really nice touches on it. Just wish the stays did curve quite so much. Or that the TT curved a bit to match the stays. But thats really a minor quibble.
  16. martini

    Eastern Woods Research is Back and Building Big Time!!!

    I hafta agree with N8. ATMO, 96'ers are um...fugly. To put it mildly. Like I posted after your Soul 9B, it looks much better that way. If EWR were to do a 29/650b set up, to keep the rear short, I may actually be interested in that. But 29/26? no way. They may function fine - but god are they...
  17. martini

    2008 Suji Tahoe SL 29er.. Opinions?

    If you were buying at retail, I'd fully suggest going with either the Redline D660 or the Haro Mary. Both are better looking and lighter for less money. Then I re-read your post, and it sounds as if you can get the Fuji for cost. Can't beat that price. Grab it. With out thinking. If you happen...
  18. martini

    Red shifters...

    So, ah, like where are the pics of these things? I want the gory detail man! Performance report?
  19. martini

    Your 29ers in Action Shots - let's see em

    Not in action, but amongst action. Sucks when you have to ride alone...
  20. martini

    Little play bike.

    I'll try to get his attention. I wouldn't mind talkin' with him anyways...I do know that after this post was done, he did the 36er...