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    Beuller? Cannondale six inch bike

    not forces on the shock. blunt forces as in landing a jump. Instead of all the force being directed into the toptube like the prophet and canondale having to have thicker wall tubing to handle this. the forces are first redirected by the linkages down to lower parts of the bike where it makes...
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    Where is my "Lahar"?

    it seems your not alone... http://www.vorb.org.nz/ftopict-72008.html
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    4/5/6/7 Speeds - who runs what?

    When the derailer is limited the shifter can no longer pull through any cable. The shifter doesnt keep on "clicking"
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    Opinions on scott yzo timo ltd frame

    I have one, personally its been a great frame to learn on. Its handled all my grommy antics. Ive beat on it for 3 years and it has never wavered. The geometry is "middle ground" its slackish(for a jump bike) makes the bike less twitchy(less responsive) which is good for a beginer. The frame is...
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    Yeti's new AS-R 7 and 303 (Sicklines)

    Yes, but by using beefy seatstays to handle some of these loads alot of those stresses are reduced. As in the seat stays are designed to take most of the left and right forces while the chainstay is just there for axle path and tension forces. Im talking in principles and relativly. This...
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    Yeti's new AS-R 7 and 303 (Sicklines)

    It works and it makes sense. The chainstays are only under a tension force i.e being tugged backward by the wheels travel and we know materials are much much stronger in tension rather then bending or compression and so yeti is able to use only one chainstay.
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    7Point DW-Link shock play - help me make it go away.

    sure movement is not in your shock?
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    Crankworx - Live.

    Why hill is just plain silly now.
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    Trail fustration

    I feel your pain. Its simple comon sense sometimes. take my dirt jumps. Yes there are in a public area which is the biggest problem but some jumps are better than none, right. Its winter here at the moment so the clay rythems are very soft. Common sense would tell you not to ride them. the...
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    Corsair Bikes website update

    wheel path looks good. I think its a great frame for sure. As long as the weight is resonable.
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    WC dh #2 Champéry

    im guessing nico crashed for a long time
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    Chilli Red

    Everyone was posting their repainted sundays so i thought id share mine. The colours called Hot Chilli red. I got the graphics made at a local sign printers. 2006 sunday worldcup repainted hot chilli red 2005 boxxer teams(enduro seals) 5th element 5 way(thanks to fly) 823 front rim and atomlab...
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    chain stuck between frame and tire

    Your not making any sense. Is it getting stuck between the cassette and the frame or the frame and the tyre behind your bottom bracket.
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    The Official Iron Horse Sunday / DW-Link Tech. & Tuning Section

    so a "sunday tune" comprises of a shim configuration with less lsc? Is that all that need to be altered in the shock?
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    How to: Convert your lazy SPV 5th into a shimmed damper hottie

    Interested in doing it if i send it over from new zealand haha. Im probably going to try this mod. Just not sure what will happen, as the shock will be on a sunday which requires 1/3 the low speed compression of normal bikes.
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    How to: Convert your lazy SPV 5th into a shimmed damper hottie

    were you still able to use the same spring? Does the donor have to be a monotube?
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    fx 40 bumpers

    Move the bump stops up then?
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    Building dirt jumps

    Diggers coming at 8:00 tomorrow. Oh the anticipation!
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    Building dirt jumps

    hi there. Im currently in the process of building a four pack, rhythem style. Im just wondering what other peoples techneques are for working out the spacing between the jumps, length of up-ramp, length of table(span) for a given height etc. There are no experienced dirt jumpers in my area. The...
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    Second best place to save weight

    Handle bars, seats and seat post. basically its good to make you bike lighter higher up, To lower the center of gravity.