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  1. TurnerGrl

    A Few Of us decided to invade Worcester

    I'll pipe up! Yep it's a 144 S Main Street - you have to be LOOKING for it to notice it.
  2. TurnerGrl

    A Few Of us decided to invade Worcester

    Great pics and a great time!!! Awesome to see everyone especially as the snow continues to pile up around here. And me stuck not even being able to snowboard as I can't risk a repeat concussion this year plus the compression fracture in my thoracic spine needs at least a few months to fully...
  3. TurnerGrl

    Happy Birthday (Dave) Riding

    Happy Birthday DR! Great pics from Splat...hope to be included in next year's rendition which means I hope to see ya both soon out on the trails! If this frigging snow ever goes away, anyhow. And a Merry Xmas, too! :cheers:
  4. TurnerGrl

    A Thought On Protective Gear from the Trenches

    Thanks, JBP. Ironically the nurse at work I've been talking to was run down by an elderly driver while she was walking on the sidewalk a few years ago. :shocked: So she was more than just medical advice, but personal experience. I kept thinking that I was experiencing what you and she did...
  5. TurnerGrl

    A Thought On Protective Gear from the Trenches

    Once again, thank's everyone for the well wishes! I am pleased to report that things are finally on the upswing. Repeat CT scan of the brain last week showed the bleed completely re-absorbed. I had been fighting since a week ago Sunday, however, some very bizarre symptoms that had me...
  6. TurnerGrl

    A Thought On Protective Gear from the Trenches

    Thanks for all the well wishes! Berkshire Rider, I saw a neurosurgeon briefly at UMass University ER and he was a jerk so I didn't get much feedback. I saw my PCP this week, she had me repeat the head CT scan on Wednesday and I see a different neurosurgeon next Wednesday. I should have a...
  7. TurnerGrl

    A Thought On Protective Gear from the Trenches

    Ok, this is a crossover post from my other two-wheeled endeavors that was posted at http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=412282 But I've been thinking lots about the carryover to mtb as not only have I had MUCH harder falls, but I have pedalled this very trail many a time and it...
  8. TurnerGrl

    Want. (motorcyle)

    I rode on the back of an '07 BMW R1200GS Adventure on Sunday and it was f-ing sweeeeeeeeeeet. We took a bunch of back roads around my house (Auburn/Oxford/Sutton/Douglas) that I use for road rides and are nice and swoopy (man, we leaned into a corner so far that I found out later that the...
  9. TurnerGrl

    Happy B-Day Jen!!

    Wow, thanks everyone! And double to MBC who woke me up and sent me the thread link...yikes, I must have been under a rock or something. The pics added in are totally awesome and I hope to get out with as many of you as possible in '08. Time for me to get back on the bike (although with the...
  10. TurnerGrl

    The Slut

    I think Jared has family obligations on Saturday but he's hoping to come back out on Sunday. Eammon, you totally need to get out there...I'm going to shoot for both days. Especially now that I know that Saturday is b-day for Dennis! :happydance:
  11. TurnerGrl

    Logs, logs, logs

    Great pics...and add me to the list of people who want to go to Miller's!
  12. TurnerGrl

    I love my dog

    Here's to good health for all of your canine (and feline) friends. My six year old lab mix (Hannah) has thankfully been healthy with just annual vet bills and an introduction to a porcupine that didn't go so well. My almost ten year old lab (Jake) has been another story...several bouts of...
  13. TurnerGrl

    Same old same old at the Kingdom

    Awesome pics, one of these days I'll get there... Way cool that you ran into Jeff from Milford Bikes - if Splat's FSR didn't make the trip, did anyone notice if my RFX did?
  14. TurnerGrl

    Another Trip to Sutton

    Yep, just me and Hannah got out for a little exploring - some fun stuff and a little extra challenge since I had my Epic - the RFX has been living at Milford Bike since June (geez, I gotta get down there...). My ability to commit to rides of any length right now is limited while Jake recovers...
  15. TurnerGrl

    My fiance is looking for women to ride with

    er, Duckaxe you know me...last time I saw you we were hitting up the Slaphead Mofo Shuttles back at the end of June...ya "officiallyl" met me a while ago at the Wendy's parking lot at 'Nam. I can try to get her out for a few rides (Hodges Village would be beginner friendly and is right down the...
  16. TurnerGrl

    Lean back, a ride report

    ah yes, another failed project to get MMcG to the dark side....sheesh, I got him hooked up with a Super T (et. al.) and then <whoosh> the bike flies apart!
  17. TurnerGrl

    Lean back, a ride report

    pretty sure i've offered, along with accommodations for you and MBC...so get yer Monkey selves up here!!! :busted: p.s. bring the rest of the CT crew, i'm sure we can round up quite the tour from your MA counterparts :D
  18. TurnerGrl

    Lean back, a ride report

    Somebody call my name???... :wave:
  19. TurnerGrl

    2007 Northeast Monkey Gathering - July 20-22

    Sorry for the last minute bail, but I would prefer not to get into it on the forum. Hopefully will be at the next MF.
  20. TurnerGrl

    2007 Northeast Monkey Gathering - July 20-22

    As of today, looks like I'm in the same boat. Looks like I will have to wait a little longer to attend my first Monkeyfest. :(