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  1. monkeyboy424

    Random Picture Thread

    MAN CARD. Now if you'd pedal your bicycle...
  2. monkeyboy424

    Anyone work with a total shitheel?

    Absolute magic. This is absolute magic. iPads bolted to every table in EWR? Not magic. I respectfully bow out now.
  3. monkeyboy424

    Fox Float 40 26 to 650b conversion?

    Kidwoo- Kill yourself. Regards, 29" Enduro Jerkface
  4. monkeyboy424

    How do you want to be remembered?

    I don't care what they say about me, as long as they spell my name right.
  5. monkeyboy424

    Boxxer WC / WC Keronite

    Are you drunk? That was like four pissed off posts in a row. We get it. **** sram.
  6. monkeyboy424

    Riders Ready. Watch The Gate...

    This thread gets me stoked. I'm going to go do some dirt skids and poppa-willies tonight on my slaylom bike.
  7. monkeyboy424

    on a darker note

    Diamond Heights
  8. monkeyboy424

    Scammed by Nemesis Project Cycles a.k.a Brad Hodges

    quoted mostly cuz i wouldn't want to fight DoT. he's a savage.
  9. monkeyboy424

    Scammed by Nemesis Project Cycles a.k.a Brad Hodges

    Sea Otter 08 comes to my mind... that's all i got.
  10. monkeyboy424

    Collegiate Nats Roll Call

    Howdy collegiate shredders. yes, it is indeed true the race will be held down gypsy this year. I have not spoken directly with Northstar about trail matience, but i do not think they will be adding any rad nasty 40 foot booters like they did for the GRT. 4x will be on live wire again, and...
  11. monkeyboy424

    SLO Done Fast Teaser 2

    never. josef is full of it.
  12. monkeyboy424

    Norcal/northstar locals and visitors: Make your voice heard

    Yeah, i'm with you there. I was thinking on more of a local as opposed to global scale. s The 4x course would be awsome indeed, but I think, realistically, a slalom course has a much larger chance of being built vs. 4x for this season. Believe you me, I love racing 4x, and i thought live wire...
  13. monkeyboy424

    Norcal/northstar locals and visitors: Make your voice heard

    I just posted in the other thread, but i'll cast my ballot two times. a DS course, with races being held the same weekends as DH races, would be a huge source of income for the resort.
  14. monkeyboy424

    4x/ds course at northstar - who wants it

    i could not think of a wiser investment than a DS course. I also think that having two races in one weekend could be a huge money maker, bringing more people for the weekend as opposed for the day. but what do i know?
  15. monkeyboy424

    Don't mess with the man with a fanny-pack and a shirt that says "I am a motherf*cker"

    ahh yes, crazy tom. he used to hang around north beach where i went to school in the city. Seen him pissed before, but what he did was down right radical.
  16. monkeyboy424

    Reno Tahoe peeps?

    plenty of rad trails in reno and tahoe! Hell, most of which are right off mt rose, both DH and XC! there is a bit of DJ action at a few spots around town, but not really any pumptracks yet... theres also about 4 bmx tracks within an hours drive of reno... I think you should go for it. its...
  17. monkeyboy424

    Diablo's new lower race fews for 2010!

    ditto. i could air some **** here i guess... but **** this internet ****.
  18. monkeyboy424

    Another Local Race

    leland looks AMAZING
  19. monkeyboy424

    what to do when you know you cant ride for 2 weeks...

    meth. lots of meth. i've been out for a month already, and i am already toothless. but my house is clean...