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  1. talusslope

    Seattle Bike Chop Shop

    true dat.
  2. talusslope

    Remember that girl from high school?

    senior year now, caught and lost my first love last month, to a guy who came from and went back to Alaska, right before she got to me. Good to know I'll have something to look forward to.
  3. talusslope

    building at sst

    actually, last I saw, that jump was still there. construction cut off right at the base of the drop after that jump. So it's like only 80% dead! the flowpark anyway.
  4. talusslope

    Pedal Driven - A Bike-umentary

    looks promising
  5. talusslope

    by this time next year...

    rails to trails to prisons?
  6. talusslope

    Should I move to a 20"?

    Yes! some one try this an report back!
  7. talusslope

    SST Trail on TV NOW!

    and anyway we could all ways just build a new flowpark either on the hill coming down form the cemetery, or across the other street (that so many of us park on) from the golf course. 'Cause as an airsoft player over there I know that they only use the top of and back of that hill, and the front...
  8. talusslope

    Should I move to a 20"?

    It's easy as 1,2, 24"! but I switch forth and back again and it's no big deal, haven't yet tried 24 though.
  9. talusslope

    Jobs in the downhill/mountain bike world.

    Well, I'm only in 11th grade, but my area's got a vocational skill center. And they got a welding program that is connected with the local apprenticeship school. Lots of bikes get welded, but so do boats, cars, farming equipment, buildings, etc. Not to mention all the baby boomers retiring...
  10. talusslope

    Handlebar position

    I like myn forward aswell, no idea why, just feel better. I suppose that I do stand alot, and have to suck-up my over shot landings with only 6". but it also floats over the forks abit for climbing (like you said). And to get that extra foot I do sometimes bring the front of the bike up, and...
  11. talusslope

    Pics from N* and Reno

    neeto faheeto monneetos
  12. talusslope

    Bought a project

    I love that in everyone of those videos the forks Failed
  13. talusslope

    Colonnade need water

    as funds for a sprinkling system goes, tapping into those huge gutter drain pipes with some rain barrels might get the attention of the funds comity seeing as it could cut water cost considerably (if done properly) .
  14. talusslope

    Technique?: turning mid air

    :lighten: and the whip can be done by simply pressing harder on the lower peddle and pulling up and back on the handle bars.
  15. talusslope

    fox vanilla R swishies?

    So, after a long day of riding at the local hill, 5ft jumps and such, my rear derailer cable finally gives out and I head for home. Well 3/4 the way home in 2nd gear (the derailer body springs toward the bigger gears, backwards I know, but just reals right to me) and my rear shock (an '04 fox...
  16. talusslope

    New Crankworx Colorado Pics 8-4-08

    I was there only a week or two ago, and I thought the stuff then was big! gees! To bad only one line in the big section was open, I gotta get back there!
  17. talusslope

    Willamette Pass racing info

  18. talusslope

    Hayes Nine lever bleed fitting

    You might also try taking the whole brake off of the bike and hanging it when you bleed so as to be able the get rid of any bubbles that could be hiding in the bends of the hose.
  19. talusslope

    Broken rear pivot

    I had a similar problem with the bolt and sleeve nut pivot for my rear shock bending. and my local shop said $30 from Cannondale, or find a good machine shop. But when the sleeve nut finally broke, I was in Moab, UT and The red chile bike shop had the exact part I needed for $9.95! quazam!!