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    Pit Bulls

    The biggest problem with pitbull bans (aside from the fact that most issues are owner related and the ban will accomplish nothing when they just breed them underground or find a new breed to fight), is that no one knows what the hell a pitbull is. There are so many definitions that these bans...
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    ride monkey advert leads to infection?

    I'll look into that ad. Our ads are provided by networks who are supposed to filter out that kind of thing...but occasionally **** up. Do you remember which forum you were in?
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    Web-Launch of the Corsair Konig Slopestyle Frame

    Slopestyle is perhaps the most exciting new cycling discipline seen in years. When creating the Konig, our goal was to channel the energy of a great run into the engineering and style of our slopestyle frame. Getting off the ground, landing in one piece (at any angle) and getting the bike where...
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    How do I get in touch with Ridemonkey?

    Hey hooples and DNA, go right ahead. If you need to get in touch the quickest way is to email me at adam(at)ridemonkey.com
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    H.P.C. Presenting Women-Only Downhill Mountain Bike Clinics with Current National Cha

    WILMINGTON, N.Y. – High Peaks Cyclery is hosting two women-only downhill mountain bike clinics featuring 2006 National Downhill Champion Tara Llanes at the Whiteface Downhill Park in July. “We are very excited and honored to be bringing the 2006 National Downhill Champion Tara Llanes for a...
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    The Perfect Storm of Gravity Racing

    Bigfoot Productions is pleased to announce the inaugural dates of its newest event creation, The Rocky Mountain G3 Gravity Series. The series kicks off in Keystone, Colorado on the weekend of June 30. While G3 tour stop #2 is still being negotiated and details are pending, date #3 has been...
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    High Peaks Cyclery Presenting Club Shred at Whiteface Downhill Park

    WILMINGTON, N.Y. – High Peaks Cyclery is hosting two ‘Club Shred’ mountain bike clinics, featuring experienced pro racers at Whiteface Downhill Park in July. Each of these two clinics are a three-day mini-camp slated for July 3-5 and July 6-8. Known as Fast Times Training, instructors Mickey...
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    What is a BIONICON? BIONICON Backcountry Mountainbikes offers the first and only on-the-fly adjustable geometry system that gives you a dramatic range of performance from Downhill to aggressive Climbing geometry and anywhere in between with the simple push of a button. Where did BIONICON come...
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    Bikeskills Offering Exclusive Clinics At The 2007 Sea Otter Classic

    Northern Calif., March 29, 2007 - Improve your skills and have fun at the 2007 Sea Otter Classic with Bikeskills. No matter what your skill level or discipline, the pros at Bikeskills will help you get more out of mountain biking! What better time or place to make it happen than at the Sea...
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    My 2nd Macbook Warranty: Apple Steps Up

    How do you still have tears left to cry? :huh:
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    Corsair Bikes prepares for Summer Launch

    Doug Stuart, the man behind FSA and Gravity’s leap to prominence is leading the development of a new high- end mountain bike company with offices in the Pacific Northwest and Utah. Corsair Bike’s v ision is to be a leader in technology, performance and graphic innovation and Stuart has assembled...
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    Free Screening of Mountain Bike Videos

    Free Screening of Mountain Bike Videos Available on www.TotalVid.com From mountain bike blockbusters like Roam to full-length how-to videos, mountain bike enthusiasts can see the best in mountain biking on www.TotalVid.com. TotalVid offers downloads of more than 90 top MTB videos...
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    Pricepoint Giveaway

    Los Angeles, CA, March 15, 2007 - It's giveaway time again here at Pricepoint.com, the leading cycling internet mail order company. This time we have partnered with Marzocchi USA, one of the leading manufacturers of suspension forks and shocks, to give our valued customers the opportunity to win...
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    Apple Macbook?

    They no longer produce/support Internet Explorer for Mac, but they still spew out Office. It's a shame, I've seen screenshots for Office 2008 (I think that's what they're calling it) for Vista, and it looks great. Lots of improvements in the interfaces, and some useful new features...then I...
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    Fun Gary Bettman Rant

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    Apple Macbook?

    You'll probably find that anything and Microsoft Office will run slowly. The Mac version of office is horrrrible, but there are suitable alternatives in most places, or you can just cope with it running a little slowly until Microsoft decides to put a little effort into its Mac software.
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    Little Mosque on the Prairie

    A family friend of mine is in that show...hilarious premise.
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    why canada will never be invaded

    Creepy, I live in the College Street bar district - although it's never been called that, it's Little Italy.
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    NHL fans - bigger goal?

    Depends on the city. In Toronto you're lucky if you can even get tickets. re: the American star point, there are some American stars...and I'd be surprised if the average American even realizes that 65% of the players in the league are Canadian. I think it's something else.