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  1. nmr8

    Portland and Vancouver- What happened?

    i'm sort of new to pdx, not really ballsy freeride but i'm definitely pro-shuttle-whoring.
  2. nmr8

    cheap 29er frame?

    2008 rockhopper 29er completes are 4xx on specialized's dealer website right now, prolly s/o one for 650. nice enough frame, sliding dropouts, decent 8 speed drivetrain. count on spending money to have the wheels finished by a quality wheel truing dude though.
  3. nmr8

    Damn cheap whiskey

    one good thing about portland: http://newdealdistillery.com/ locally distilled premium vodka?!?? sign me up!
  4. nmr8

    888 rc2x problem

    amen, wtf is wrong with fork manus? they can't seem to wrap their heads around the idea of technical documentation. for the love of god, fox manages, so why can't marzocchi and rockshox?
  5. nmr8

    single speed in the front cassette in the back??

    there are a few truvativ cranks w/ 1.1g in the name, which one are you talking about? if it's an external bearing stylo it should be OK. dunno much about the box guide but it looks cheap and nasty.
  6. nmr8

    Is 29er DH inevitable?

    you would definitely have to do more work than just custom crowns to widen the hub spacing, and running an inverted fork would surely be the easiest point to start from. which makes me think, i wonder if the damping on a 40 would work upside down.. maybe you could make an inverted fork out of...
  7. nmr8

    single speed in the front cassette in the back??

    the caramba arms will probably bend if jumped hard, if your getting air go for the new SLX cranks, they're cheap and they're nice. pull the chainrings off, throw a single speed ring and a guide on and you're golden.
  8. nmr8

    single speed in the front cassette in the back??

    the ghetto setup doesn't work that well, the low limit screw usually doesn't have enough range to move the derailleur to the right spot. i'd go for the chain guide, but the n-gear jumpstop + bash works pretty darn well too.
  9. nmr8

    Is 29er DH inevitable?

    i think that's how it'll happen first, 69er that is. i think the main problem is wheel strength, which i believe is going to require a wider front hub shell. if you make a custom front hub, a custom axle, and custom crowns you can overcome that while still using a stock fork. i think that's...
  10. nmr8

    A loan or a gift?

    agreed, and clarify the status of the other things he 'gave' you. even though he's being a dick does not mean it's okay to keep someone else's property. imagine the situation as if he were a nice guy and it'll be easy to see that the right thing to do is return the fork. you'll feel better...
  11. nmr8

    Sram X-7 or X-9 shifter?

    i like the x9s, they have a nicer feeling action. with full housing, they're buttery.
  12. nmr8

    Shifting problems

    i believe the chain is absolutely compatible. as other people have said you probably have a tweaked hanger, or bad cable/housing, or a nine-speed/ten-speed mismatch between your cassette and shifter. (or a SRAM/Shimano mismatch between your derailleur and shifter.) Shimano and SRAM ten-speed...
  13. nmr8

    Thomson Failure

    i completely disagree. this post is not a condemnation of thomson at all and anyone who reads it that way is jumping to conclusions. it is not a productive attitude to cover up product failures, the more information available to everyone the better able we all are to maintain our bikes and...
  14. nmr8

    wheel bulding help

    yeah, seconded, your ERD is definitely wrong. 559 is the ISO bead seat diameter - the diameter of the tire bead in mms, which is 559 for all 26" rims and tires. the ERD - effective rim diameter - is always less. i'd rec using the DT calculator on their website, it has tons of rim and hub...
  15. nmr8

    XT vs XTR disk brakes

    sounds like your xt brakes aren't working right. do you have the metal pads?
  16. nmr8

    DEE Max WTF?

    dude, if you mean the left and right side, rear wheels always have tight spokes on one side and loose on the other. sounds like the shop is shot, not the hoop.
  17. nmr8

    Best 83mm BB for Race Face cranks on Glory?

    external bearing or isis?
  18. nmr8

    Maxle Ghetto Rig Idea's

    more details would help...
  19. nmr8

    Brand new SS hub ghost pedaling.

    chain too tight maybe? if this problem doesn't go away real quick i'd return the hub
  20. nmr8

    Moffat back on the bike at Blackrock! (pics)

    hey i'm in that third picture! or at least my arm and my helmet are. and that guy on the right side is duane aka deweydude. i can't wait to ride the big bike again, but mercy i am still limping from saturday.