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    Did anyone ride Angel Fire last weekend?

    It was a muddy mess on Friday, but from what I heard Saturday and Sunday things were starting to dry up fast.
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    A bike for someone who is 5'7?

    I am exactly 5'7" and I ride a small Turner DHR, I really like the way the bike rides and I prefer smaller bikes. With that said if I was to do it all over again I would go up to a Medium frame.
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    Post your 2014 rides!

    Here is mine
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    Anyone got an Emerald review yet?

    got mine yesterday and it will be installed on the bike tonight. Since I live in Houston it's first real ride will be Bootleg in two weeks, which is nice because the DVO guys are going to be there and have already said they will help me set it up. Will post pics later.
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    Dw DHR.. CCDB vs 2010-13 RC4 vs 2014 RC4?

    I actually have experience riding both shocks on my Turner DHR, it came with the RC4 and I was in the process of selling my Zerode with the CCDB. I kept the CCDB and sold the Zerode with the RC4. The CCDB to me feels like a much better shock, the small bump sensitivity couldn't be duplicated...
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    How many people own 2 or more bikes?

    I currently have 4 2012 Turner DHR 2012 Zerode G1 2012 Santa Cruz Blur LTC 2012 Trek Madone 2.3
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    Bearings in Industry Nine rear hub

    I have been runing my enduro set for over a year and all I do is take them apart every 3 months, clean and lube internals and they are good to go.
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    The Zerode thread

    wishing you a speedy recovery.
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    Which frame, Trek slash 9, Devinci dixon or Intense Tracer 2

    thanks for the advice guys, I was leaning towards the tracer myself but my friends shop was the one selling the slash and I was getting a good amount off. The dixon was more of the wildcard pick.
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    Which frame, Trek slash 9, Devinci dixon or Intense Tracer 2

    Hello all, I have a question for those that own one of the above mentioned bikes or perhaps have ridden a couple of them. This will be my trail/enduro racing bike for a couple of years. Price wise they are all about the same, the trek being $100 more than the other two. I will be using a 2012...
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    Big Bear officially opening back up?

    Mine is only 41.5 lbs so I am good to go.
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    Big Bear officially opening back up?

    On their website it states that the only restriction is going to be that bikes must be less than 45 lbs.
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    Anyone who rides DH in the Austin area, trying to get a downhill trip together....

    I am doing a 4th of July trip to Angel Fire and maybe a race at winter park, Co labor day weekend.
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    Evil Undead

    I heard A Culture of Speed has a couple of them in stock.
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    The Zerode thread

    Here are two quick pics, I was lazy and haven't moved the front tire over to my DH front wheel, so what you see is my green I9 that goes to my enduro bike.
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    The Zerode thread

    I just finished building up the frame that I bought, it was Taylor's old G1 frame. Extremely happy with it, these bikes ride really well. Mine is all saint drivetrain and brakes and Fox 40 hybrid air up front.
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    Dialing in a woman's DH bike - specifically NORCO

    I am sure you can find a suitable rear spring, but even if you could find a x-soft spring for the domain no women who is 115lbs wants to lift a 7.5lb fork. It would be much easier using an air fork like the boxxer air or even a Talas 180. I know this because my wife is 108 lbs and setting up...
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    And the depression has set in...

    sorry to hear about that, I hope you get your bike back. I am extremely paranoid about this happening to me, to the point where I don't even feel comfortable leaving my bike on the hitch rack while I take a piss a gas station.
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    What bikes could become viable again thanks to offset hardware and angled headsets?

    I think there is more to that equation than just a simple HA change. Spare parts availability, leverage ratios, axle paths and not to mention that a lot of those older frames came with a straight normal head tube. The market on used frames right now is so good that why bother taking a chance...
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    2010 Marzocchi 888 Evo tuning thread

    it actually works pretty well, I haven't ridden on it but it feels like a really soft spring is in there. Rebound and compression are unaffected by this, considering how hard it is to get a hold of Marzocchi right now this will be the way it will be run.