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  1. NovatoSCFR

    Stainless Steel DH Frame

    voted. big ups on the idea, good luck to ya
  2. NovatoSCFR

    What was your turning point?

    rented downhill domination from blockbuster, 9th grade. by far the biggest effect any video game has ever had on me. the week after i returned the game got my first mountain bike, a 2003 fisher tass and we hit the local fireroads, hooked since then. a year later i got a bullit, and now seven...
  3. NovatoSCFR

    Coolest thing you did with your Dad...

    Bike. When I got interested in biking he was right behind me. Since then we've been biking all over the place from Bootleg to Andorra, Downieville to Puerta Vallarta. I remember once riding through a rock garden at Bromont feeling a little worried about going too fast, and my father, at this...
  4. NovatoSCFR

    What are you listening to!?!

    explosions in the sky - first breath after coma. good for studying, riding, anything
  5. NovatoSCFR

    Did anyone buy Chex cereal back in 1996?

    yea that game was up there with AOE as highlight of early computer game playing career. i'm so stoked to see this
  6. NovatoSCFR

    Quality steep line!

  7. NovatoSCFR

    how did you get started mountain biking

    I went to blockbuster, perused the aisles and found Downhill Domination. After a week of playing I figured the real thing would be fun. Best thing video games ever did for me.
  8. NovatoSCFR

    Peanut Butter and Hot Sauce

    Am I the only one who throws some spicy into my favorite peanut butter sandwichesÉ And how do I get my keyboard off this canadian french bs.
  9. NovatoSCFR


    CIA strikes again!
  10. NovatoSCFR

    going back to cali - for the first time

    Marin County or Santa Cruz. Expensive, yes. Worth it to be in norcal? Always.
  11. NovatoSCFR

    Low, Wide, 25.4?

    Looking into new bars this season, and the title says it all. The only 25.4 options I've found are the azonic World Force and Double Wall. Is there a difference between the two models? Anyone know of any other options for me? I'm rocking an old dorado with a 25.4 dm stem, so 31.8 is no...
  12. NovatoSCFR

    What got you into biking?

    I think the summer before freshman year of high school, I was checking out video games at blockbuster. Came upon Downhill Domination and thought "Hey, that looks pretty fun." Rented it, played the snot out of it for a week, and realized that actual mountain biking would probably be pretty fun...
  13. NovatoSCFR

    What are you listening to!?!

    illogic - break bread blueprint rips it herr
  14. NovatoSCFR

    What are you listening to!?!

    soul position - night to remember
  15. NovatoSCFR

    Another outrageous police shooting:

    why were the cops driving an escalade to begin with? I didn't realize luxury SUV's were necessary for fighting crime now.
  16. NovatoSCFR

    Corey Haim = DEAD ! RIP !

    85 valiums a day? Am I crazy or how was he still walking?
  17. NovatoSCFR

    Searching for GT DHi/MRP chain guide or parts

    I think I've got some random parts for that chainguide at home (which is unfortunately about 1000 miles away at the moment). Do you need the whole thing or just bits and pieces?
  18. NovatoSCFR

    right now i'm drinking....

  19. NovatoSCFR

    We need some more "torture" DH events

    yes. yes. yes.
  20. NovatoSCFR

    new alex rankin edit

    Just jumpin' out of those berms ain't no thang.