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    best looking downhill frame

    My mate had a proto GT Fury similar to this In the flesh it was a thing of beauty
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    Home cooked meals

    A new era - the 'G - Banger'
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    Steve Peat iphone app

    Its a pretty poor game, dont rate it at all. The game seems to have been rushed towards release, some of the features aren't even available
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    Twenty6 DM Stem..SHoudl I Be Concerned?

    I was pretty disappointed with my experience with twenty6 products. I bought a direct mount stem and it had a fault down one side that split. You get problems like that, so I got a replacement no worries. The replacement wasn't machined properly in the bar clamp area - so I had offset...
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    951 nearly finished...

    Slight misunderstanding, I'm aware of that I posted the pic... Its merely a confirmation of the colour not the person... you can stop rofl furio
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    951 nearly finished...

    For the out siders on this site - who's bike is this? Obviously the young lady in the pics, but i'm not familiar with her. Is the colour a custom factory deal? Haven't seen one that colour since Vanessa Quinn's
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    2010 Custom Intense M6

    Whats 2010 about it? Didn't production cease
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    best chainguide for 951

    To date I've run a 36t SRS+ (which I smashed off) and a 36-40 LG1+ (which is pretty beat up). Anything above 36t in the SRS+ wont fit properly without modification and the LG1+ is a tight fit as is. I tried retrofitting a party crasher (MRP) with Truvativ cranks/shimano saints, without much...
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    951 or 303R, opinions?

    Now I dont for one minute pretend I can ride like a pro - but where I'm from the tracks are rough & rocky. The 951 sits low in its travel, gets caught up on the rocks and doesnt seem to get full travel very often. I run 33% sag and on a full run of the local trails the bumper stop on my vivid...
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    951 or 303R, opinions?

    The two share the same geometry but dont share the same suspension charteristics. They are almost the opposite to each other - as mentioned in a few other threads already started I'm wishing I still had my M6 after having the 951 for a few months
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    CG Racing Brigade

    You know - that bloke that rides a Santa Fe
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    whats the deal with the 2010 boxxers right now?

    I had to read that post five times before it made any sense to me I gather what you are asking is should you buy some oil and service your fork before you ride it. Play it safe and buy some oil.....
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    (Best) Knee Braces

    I've been looking for a while to getting a brace for my knee. The one Fabien Barel uses looks pretty stable, and it served him well. Although I cant find where to get one... The name printed on it says 'KENNY' check it out in this vid
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    Calling all intense riders lets see your bikes

    Had a couple of Intenses now - My M3 & M6 Current ride
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    Intense 951 - who ordered one?

    6 have arrived in the land down under this week - 20 were ordered, but couldn't be supplied. I put a pre-order in the moment it was confirmed they were being made. Thanks to the Tassie rep :thumb: (Out of the 6 - 3 are going to the smallest state in Australia - he's a hard worker!)
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    2010 specialized !

    Sam runs a 165mm rear end - his own admission in a local mag
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    2010 specialized !

    Race face make their spindle sizes 10mm bigger (so a 138mm spindle) than the norm in order to gain the ability to fine tune with 1mm/2mm spacers. So I found running saints (a true 128mm) spindle with custom spacers was a better option for the demo - as it has a 73mm shell
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    Intense 951 - who ordered one?

    I ordered mine a couple of months back. Still waiting, still no info on exactly what is available re: FRO/regular differences A waiting game....
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    Intense M sizing

    Oh looky, the Intense website now has the M6 with same size (effective) top tube....... I'll take that as a yes to my last post
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    Intense M sizing

    I got a phone call from the local distributer yesterday saying that Intense made a mistake with the Geometry stats on the Intense web site. Apparently the 951 sizing is the same as the M6... Can anyone confrim this