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    Fineline Bikes -Mine-

    Do you have Fineline Bikes website?
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    White Brothers 2005/2006?

    Hey man,just got my 06 DH Groove 2.0 if you want a picture I can email it to you.Let me know or drop me an email.
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    Downhill forks, Which one?

    Yeah White Bros!
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    VENTANA El Cuervo

    My new Ventana El Cuervo!!!!! This is a very sexy black beauty,I like it so much.*One of the best DH bike in the world!A must to have one!
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    FOX 40 DH fork,is that fully US made?

    Yes,Suntour made Marz low end fork only.Marz high end forks all made in Italy.
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    FOX 40 DH fork,is that fully US made?

    Hey guys!I am a weekender Dh rider.... I have questions for the FOX 40 DH fork. 1) Is this fork fully made in USA? 2) How come there are few small parts inside the fork made in Taiwan? 3) I found a Taiwanese fork manufacturer,the lower tube look the same with this fork. 4) Is this fork...
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    Fox DHX5.0 - oil leak

    They dont reply me at all.I am very mad with their services...very poor.If anyone from Fox Racing here,kindly contact me please
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    Fox DHX5.0 - oil leak

    What is their warranty dept email address?
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    Fox DHX5.0 - oil leak

    give me your email or you email me I will email you the pic coz I dont know how to attach picture in this forum bansheescream8@hotmail.com
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    Fox DHX5.0 - oil leak

    Fox DHX5.0 - oil leak from the cracked body.This is strange!
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    list your bike setup!

    04 Moutain Cycle 9point5 ( blk ano ) 5th Element rear shock 05 Marzocchi Shiver DC Custom headset Roox DH stem Star Bar DH bar Brembo Racing Disc Brake Yeti Grip Hadley Hubs XTR rear D XT shifter ( right only ) XTR chain XT casstte Truvativ Hozfeller crank E-13 SRS Custom padel...