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  1. fox-ranger

    Turner dhr shock question

    softer is better. i am 200lbs and ride a DHR medium with 450 steel spring on a dhx5 its like glue
  2. fox-ranger

    different DH brakes?

    Juicy verry easy..... top performance!
  3. fox-ranger

    Need help choosing next DH frame.

    randel scott in new york or go-ride in utah sale this bikes
  4. fox-ranger

    What are the latest must have DVD's?

    1th. The Passion of christi, from mel gibson 2th earthed 2
  5. fox-ranger

    Need help choosing next DH frame.

    run a dhr its made in USA, the ironhorse is made in taiwan! this has tell my a mountain cycle man: You don't need a Sunday. Besides, the green and grey ones are made in Taiwan. You would want a Kinesis USA made Sunday Factory. (I guess you clicked my _ link huh?) I could have one if I wanted...
  6. fox-ranger

    Got my new D2, Thanks Go-Ride!

    i got my helmet to, thanks go-ride!!
  7. fox-ranger

    Turner DHR spring rate???

    i am 190 lb and ride a 450 stell spring i hafe 2.75inch sag in standing race position. botom out is turn full out!! i think 350 fits!
  8. fox-ranger

    Turner DHR spring rate???

    this setup is with and for a dhx5!!!
  9. fox-ranger

    Need help choosing next DH frame.

    race with turner DHR!! its like a UDSSR MIG21, its fast, simple and you will never have a problems!!
  10. fox-ranger

    Turner DHR spring rate???

    300-350lbs steel spring, soft as posible!.and than play with the walve "botom out" sag 35% mesure from the midle of rear axel to the seat musst hafe diffrenz from 7-9cm do this setup when you stand in race position on the bike not seatet!!! importend: the fork must take a balance with the...
  11. fox-ranger

    Mazocchi 888-RC2X

    this is a hot deal: http://cgi.ebay.com/2006-Marzocchi-888-RC2X-200mm-NEW-888-Fork-FREE-SHIP_W0QQitemZ7198725904QQcategoryZ58085QQcmdZViewItem i buyed in the summer a boxxer WC05 is a top ebayer!! hi makes very fast business!
  12. fox-ranger

    online shops

    go-ride is the best shop for service.
  13. fox-ranger

    Behold,what's the best dh fork next year?

    I Ride the 888rcx2 its a dream, the fox40rc2 is to expensive, boxxer air to new!
  14. fox-ranger

    Finally. New joint.

    :love: thats to much for my heart.. !!!! :blah: antonio