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    Any of you NC guys know Houston Tx trails?

    Right on. Thanks for the help guys.
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    Any of you NC guys know Houston Tx trails?

    Hey guys. Been a while since I've posted on here. As those of you that remember me know, I have been out of biking for a bit. I am getting back into it. I moved to Houston about a year ago and wanted to see if any of you NC guys that might by chance be familiar with Houston know of any good xc...
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    Wilson/Headley's Shuttle runs on tuesday 8/4?

    Dang, woud love to make it but chances are slim to none. Any chance of you bringing that cot up Boone way?
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    Boone area ride Sunday?

    Just a heads up, but the weathers not looking to prime for tomorrow
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    Wilson tomorrow? 6/16

    I think you're talking about lower creek falls. It's off of 181 after the headleys trail head on the right ( same side of the road as headleys) if you're going towards Linville. There are two trail heads, upper and lower creek falls. Lower creek has the water slide. Would love to make it out...
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    Man Down

    Chase, happy to hear you're back and doing well. Keep Boone in mind for riding.
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    Help for a V10 !

    I'm 6 feet and have a similar build. I have a large frame and its working great. I have thought about a medium but have no complaints about the large at all. I'm a bit of a plow rider, so take that for what you will.
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    Greensboro, NC trails

    Owls Roost is good stuff
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    M'F'n XC bike!

    I saw Pikes Peak daily for two months while I had a broken leg, then the day I got the all clear to ride I had to leave
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    King of the Lake - Race #2 - July 12-13

    Hey Matt. So where are those subs coming from?
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    Roll Call 26 West Opening

    I know a few people that has happened to. You shouldn't have a problem getting it warrantied.
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    southeast photo thread

    Dang man. What are the chances? You take a picture of me and get Chris throwing down as a bonus! Hopefully you'll get some riding done in Utah. Steven T
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    southeast photo thread

    Congrats man! Where in Utah are you going? Pic content. D Sapp
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    V-10 or M6?

    I ordered my V10 in January and got it in March. I don't know how it happened but i was stoked, and i love it. But haven't had any time on a M6 to compare it to.
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    southeast photo thread

    looks sweet
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    Tifosi Optics King of the Lake Series - Info

    Sweet, my dad and I will be camping out there along with some other friends from the boro.
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    i just realised that i like square profile tires.

    Same here, and I don't have to much trouble on off cambers either.
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    southeast photo thread

    ASU Gravity teams new training grounds. Sorry about the poor quality. My camera isn't too awesome in low light. The frenchman himself This is 2nd go around, not from after the first pic Yours trully
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    his friends are real dicks
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    southeast photo thread

    nice. saw yall in the stadium parking lot and thought you might be shooting some.