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  1. mtwhore

    Is your Yeti frame still available? Jeremy

    Is your Yeti frame still available? Jeremy
  2. mtwhore

    Massanutten information

    Mt bike trails are usually fairly rocky yes?:confused:
  3. mtwhore

    looking for trails/pump track in NOVA

    interested in both. I frequent woodbridge quite a bit and I will be on 495 tomorrow. Can you be more specific?
  4. mtwhore

    looking for trails/pump track in NOVA

    Going to be in the area, if its worth bringing my a little hard tail I would like to check out some pump track, trails, or DJ action close to I66 or 495. cheers
  5. mtwhore

    how much is to much?

  6. mtwhore

    how much is to much?

    Wheel in a hole and your over the bars. Ive been sitting on the couch for a year and love it. and @ 197 lbs there is a weight penalty. (When ever I do decide to ride again). Yes. I do love my SNUGGIE! Sheessh. some peaple
  7. mtwhore

    Tire suggestions???

    I like the Nevegal in the front and the blue groove on my girlfriends bike. Nevegal x2. Perhaps a downhill casing on the rear.
  8. mtwhore

    Valley xtreme sports park

    Shucks! I guess you better take your 13" travel downhill bike back to the 13" travel downhill bike gettn' place and make yourself suffer with a "short" travel bike.
  9. mtwhore

    Mud pond gap trail

    This is Jeremy. I missed Snowshoe all year, but we rode together last year a short bit with me on the gray King Fisher. I bought the RM for the fork But its still a solid bike, so thats what Im riding.
  10. mtwhore

    Mud pond gap trail

    Yeah! It would be really fun on my new yet old WAAADE SIMMONS RM! :wave: Yep That one.
  11. mtwhore

    Mud pond gap trail

    Sounds like you need to come down to this so called "mud pond". There shall be several kickers @ the bottom with one 30' back from that rock slab so one can use it as a transition. We also have a mini van to use as a table top and even an espresso bar featuring live music every Thursday night...
  12. mtwhore

    Wintergreen DH and Sherando Lake

    I know the Sherando area very well. It is the total package. Any type of rock garden you want, fun swooping turns, fast smooth roller coaster single track, a couple of drops. If you are shuttling, go to Bald mt. (mile marker 21 or so) on the parkway, take a right @ the T and look for the trail...
  13. mtwhore

    Who is going to Massanutten, and what nights are you staying?

    It seems too frequent that someone on these forums knows more about weather trends and trail conditions hrs away from there computer than the local. I intend to use pneumatic tires this time @ tha Nut. as I feel we all should. It is possible to beat yourself down the mt. on a rim, but who wants...
  14. mtwhore

    Stolen Bike Alert

    I guess I'll bee,,, Going,,, Out,,,,:beerjam:
  15. mtwhore

    Stolen Bike Alert

    Im sorry your bike was stolen, and I hope you find it. My bike was also stolen this past weekend. It is an Azonic Steel Head. It has an old chrome Marzocchi qr20 and some Rocky Mt. componets I do drink. I do go out, sometimes I go to movies and I dont judge people who dont or do these...
  16. mtwhore

    Massanutten (Ver. 2008) Roll Call.....

    Hey Dartman! Open AND hard tail? Same here. I think both classes are going to be stacked. Especially after seeing your post.
  17. mtwhore

    Massanutten (Ver. 2008) Roll Call.....

    Good Grief!
  18. mtwhore

    Massanutten (Ver. 2008) Roll Call.....

    Dang! Thats some ride. I am driving there on Friday for practice and back again on Sat. for the race. If I can afford the gas money. I live about 7 miles away. Sorry, not usually a wise a$$, just listened to some Jerky Boys.:bonk:
  19. mtwhore

    Shuttle Runs...

    Hey! Its not complete shuttle runs when you start @ say,,, Confederate Breast Works down to say,,, Braileys Pond !~ And BAXTERS fave on Rt. 33 down to Brandywine. OH, lets some sorta shuttle!!! Beer included.
  20. mtwhore

    Anyone want to ride some REAL trails?

    I intend to ride Sherando Thurs. or Fri. in the early part of the day. Hit me up if their are interested in joining me.