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  1. DhDork

    Shimano DM derailleur, yet another failed standard?

    Udi, any idea if this will also work with an XT mech? Have an XT on the hardtail now, and would be nice to convert it to a short cage.
  2. DhDork

    How to get open this formula free hub?

    Sorry BMW325TI, That is not even the same hub. Looks nearly identical to the same hub that is coming on the new RaceFace, Giant, etc. wheels. Grab the end cap in the second picture and pull real hard. It should pop right off. From there, grab a 17mm cone or box end wrench, and an 12mm allen...
  3. DhDork

    2014 Nevada State DH Championships at Bootleg Canyon

    Will it be known by the event organizers, marshall's, and racers what course the Open class will be running? Not a single person knew last year. Left a few of us feeling robbed of our money when we just paid $75 for an "Organized" race and not a single person who was an 'official' could give a...
  4. DhDork

    Specialized Dissident Carbon DH Lid

    I had these same issues. I had my jaw piece start to come undone and I've had my pads fall out on several occasions (scary when taking your helmet off on the lift). I took a spill on the first ride with it, breaking just the visor. I took it back to the dealer I got it from and they then put the...
  5. DhDork

    Can I tell the year of my shock from the serial number

    Have your LBS call SRAM. SRAM will work with you easier if you are a dealer. That is something they should have on record.
  6. DhDork

    Random Picture Thread

    Office Space.
  7. DhDork

    Simple way to remove free play from brake levers

    AND... those can all be replaced. Head down to your LBS, and have them order the lever service kit, and if your lever is "sticky", the master cylinder kit.
  8. DhDork

    FSA Orbit Option headset clunk

    My '12 Glory came with that same headset. No matter how many times I installed it, measured it straight, and greased it, I could only get it "better". Never completely without "clunk". What I have done to remedy this, and it's only very temporary, is Teflon tape around the bearings. It will go a...
  9. DhDork

    Winter Park Lodging

    We have a large group going up in 2 weeks as well. What days are you going to be up there?
  10. DhDork

    Giant Glory 0 2013

    ^^This. I can't name any company with more resources than Giant who can build a fully legit carbon DH bike. Not only that, but who can beat their price on one? I doubt it would be more than $800 more than their current offering. With this geometry, their suspension design, and Danny and Needles...
  11. DhDork

    Giant Glory 0 2013

    Negative on the lifetime warranty on the frame. As a complete bike, you get the lifetime warranty, but as a frame, it is only 5 years. I was surprised as well when I read my owners manual. As far as the bike goes, I'd have to say the only thing I'm really disappointed about was the fact that...
  12. DhDork

    MSA World Cup 2012

    :blah::blah::blah: CG heal up quick man! Warner needs you!
  13. DhDork

    Drunk doctor kills skateboarder, found not guilty

    So I'm not the only one in the valley who sees the extra dose of insanity behind the wheel lately? I've been frightened just getting behind the wheel, let alone pedaling in it. Over the last 6 months I have driven through 2 high speed accidents on the 101. My commute to work:
  14. DhDork

    TALAS Maintanence

    For anyone else out there, if you do have an older Talas cartridge; A pump, a third hand, and a basketball needle that comes with floor pumps, will do for the Talas needle.
  15. DhDork

    Need a new helmet, do ANY less than $100 fit?

    Kali Protectives. Good fit, good prices too.
  16. DhDork

    Avid juicy code lever throw problem

    If the bite is good and the lever throw feel smooth and solid, not spongy, it would not be that you did an improper bleed. If what you are trying to achieve is less lever throw you need to increase the amount of fluid in the system. Sometimes to do this, you need to ditch the bleed block for the...
  17. DhDork

    2012 team rumour and speculation

    You think they'll get a dental plan?
  18. DhDork

    Side play in Hub.