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    Rainier cup was great

    Does anyone have any more pics of the racing?
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    Rainier cup was great

    Oh, rest assured theres at least one excellent picture, I just hope theres one showing how high that huffy went, i lost track of it when i realized i was looking at my legs :shocked:
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    Rainier cup was great

    My first race back after a long hiatus, and it was awesome, the bottom of the course was both gnarly and fun as hell. Im feeling it now, but my "attempted backflip" ;) was fun, believe it or not. I hope this race happens again/ and or there are more like it. Congrats to who tied with me for...
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    SST race/ may 18th

    I've never heard of this DH trail, but it sounds like a whole non-tacoed boat full of fun! I'll be there for sure! Will it be the same course for everyone or will there be a more challenging line for the pro class? -Jake
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    Official SST picture thread!

    A few of the many pictures i took on saturday the 12th down at the ol' south seatac trailage. I was the guy with the mt.dew hat (go figure!) taking pictures. If you remember me taking a picture of you and dont see it let me know what you were riding and i'll find it for ya! Otherwise enjoy...
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    Woodinville park, 10am ride

    Anyone up for a earlyish morning park ride? im going to be at the woodinville skatepark with a few other locals, bring out the hardtail or bmx and come ride! if you need directions mapquest the high school, its right by the skatepark 19819 136th Ave NE Woodinville, WA 98072
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    [Photos] Jump Jam II

    ooooh, now im all excited.
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    Jump Jam #2 Pictures!

    lol, sorry! i was wearing jeans a grey transcend t shirt, hope that helps some. As far as guy getting a new frame i hope so, he always seems to get the shaft and ends up running the weirdest cobbled together bikes
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    Jump Jam #2 Pictures!

    Yeah guy is a goofy little fella. anyone get any shots after the pro session of me on a grey giant stp2, i was either wearing a red helmet or white adio hat, thanks and good seeing alot of you guys again! -Jake edit: pwned pg.2!
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    Evil imp SL pics

    Ok, i apologize for teasing some of you, thinking that there were pics of an Evil imperial SL on here. In fact, i was wondering if anyone picked one up, Im looking for some pics. i wanted to see what the grind guard looked like? Also, any opinions, im thinking about getting one in the near future.
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    Buy and Sell (PNW specific)

    2001 Z.1 mcr qr20 silver, adjustable travel, oil bath. Recent rebuild (6-ish months ago) very few scratches, beautiful plush fork, asking 175 for quick sale, preferably local, but i can ship if it doesnt sell quick. Thanks for looking, and I can send pics upon request. -Jake
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    im back!

    Im back biatches! several more BMX injuries later ive given it up for good and got a Bullit, anyone down to ride? name the time and place, lets rip -jake
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    Roll call PI Bmx Sat and Sun

    Is there a website for this place with prices/pics/directions? I havent gotten out to ride with other Mt.Bikers in quite some time, it would be nice to ride with someone other than BMXers
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    Woodland park dj's?

    As one whos ridin BMX, hardtail and full squish (it can be fun if you get the hang of it) This is true, I too bear the scars of those jumps, then I wised up and got pads. These jumps are really a big part of the BMX community and are fast becoming a MTB hotspot. Anyone Down for an after X-mas...
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    Action Pics - no 56k

    Holy crap, phosphorescent trees! Lol, Looks like some sick trails. Heck of a deal on the wood too.
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    Ow, my knees are hurting just from looking at that. Oh wait, thats cause I was riding BMX. stupid slow Giant Warrenty Dept.
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    PNW Tech/Geek Monkies

    I have no idea what you just said, so im just gonna nod and smile. :thumb:
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    Cant ride the shor this saturday afterall.....But theres another chance....the 14th?

    Im down for a ride, its been quite some time since ive ridden with anyone of the 26" variety
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    Screeeech...... BLAM!!!

    I know for a fact that being in a car on its side sucks. I was involved in a crash about 6 months ago when the truck I was in ended up rolling once and stopping on the passenger side. Hope your arm heals fast, and you find the jack@$$ that hit you. best of luck with all that!
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    Drive by shooting

    Damn mitz! good to hear you didnt get capped! thats some random sh!t right there.