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    Chris King Headset bottom race/spacer thingy.

    Sure, you can buy a spare one to mount on your other fork for ease of swapping out no prob. Since you have a King headset on the frame it wont be an issue. Its called a crown race or base plate btw. I've bought a few online ~$14 myself for the same reason.
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    08 Marz 55 ATA

    Your ATA chamber has failed. The '08's had this problem frequently and Marz has a newer '09 cartridge that adresses these issues. If your ATA chamber top & bottom pressures are the same, your PAR chamber O-rings are toast as they are allowing the pressures to equalize. Marz sells an O ring...
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    spring for a 2005 Marz All Mountain 1 130-150mm

    Setting this fork up for a friend on his newish bike. My friend is 205-210lbs and the fork feels to soft even w/ the preload on the tst side at 50 psi. He called Marz but they told him there is only 1 spring available for this fork, seems odd. :huh: Does anybody know if this is so or if a...
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    What Anti Malware Apps do you use??

    I use F-Secure, The Cleaner, Ad Aware & Window Washer.