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    Tonicfab. Son of Howie.

    Hey..it's true there are Taiwan made Tonic frames and a few other bits in the works. Anyone who went to Interbike could have seen this. If you want a USA made Howie or Fall Guy, all you have to do is order one. One doesn't make the other go away. As for the headtubes / headtube badges...
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    Howie Duty

    Cornfed: I'm not refering to flanges. I'm refering to the location of the cog / driver. There is no standard for this and as a result, it's all over the place. I think the best solution are hubs like the Profile 6 spd. Same shell as the SS, so you can build a zero dish wheel and still have a...
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    Howie Duty

    Thanks for the kind words about this bike. Sure, the world needs another bike like this like it needs another tropical hurricane, but hey...it's what we do, so we may as well do it as well as we can. Mickey: I wasn't aware of your bikes using a wider Mid, but I'm not surprised other folks...
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    Howie Duty

    The mid 90 is just a wider Mid-BB. There's really not much different..just a wider shell and center spacer. I came up with the Mid-90 as a means to get away from the yoke we've been using. The bike is quite a bit lighter and much less expensive / difficult to manufacture. Tire...
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    Howie Duty

    Howdy. I put some information up about the new Howie here. Looks the same as the old bike, but is actually quite different. Hopefully folks dig the changes. I'm happy to answer questions about it here or via e-mail. -L
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    handgun roofgap 180 ?

    Wow. Gap to front wheel case and he lived? -L
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    Tree Sloth.

    Long lost trail jam from last summer. Some knowns, some unknowns, a Tonic Fab belt buckle and a tree sloth. Enjoy. -L
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    New SC Jackal

    I completely misunderstood your point brycexlighthall. I appologize. Thanks, Landon.
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    Best photos I've seen in a spell. Love the dog photo. I'm going guess not many have an archive of scrub photos of themselves sitting around. That's ninja stuff. -L
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    Hosford Spook

    Neat looking bike. -L
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    New SC Jackal

    Hey, I wish there was a "huge mark-up" on a Tonic! If you think producing a frame to this standard, at this volume, at this cost equals an exceptionally lucrative venture, you are very much mistaken. That said, I'd like to tap your expertise. If you can think of a way to significantly...
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    New Tonic Website.

    Stoked has good info. Probably should have put bends on our site. The more tech-consumers will write me for specifics, and the rest will just get it and either dig the bar or not. Those greasy blue heads are gonna haunt me. With Kiss make-up, I could explain these characters to myself as...
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    The shape of things to come...

    Greg, Hey, bummer about your shoulder. Good luck getting back in your groove. I've got a teaspoon of CPSC info. E-mail me. -L
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    24 inches of love

    Hey, I'm glad folks like these. They feel like a breath of fresh air every time I get on my bike. 30" is a bit wide for for some, but it's worth trying. Roll back 'em for best results. -L
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    Cleveland Rocks .... Supercos *spron warning*

    I rode a Superco. I thought it was dope. New DH rig looks amazing.
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    The Tabletop Thread

    Damn. Good stuff. MDowney? I recognize that name! -L
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    The Greg Hilll Tuck Thread

    Don, Hey thanks. That was such a fun day. Sin P3, yeah, Tex and Ryan are very good on a bike. I'd be pretty stoked take trip down there sometime. Cool to see them on Tonics. Hopefully we'll have a bike for you when you need it. Team Robot?? Yeah, Chaz can boost it. Serious pop, no...
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    The Greg Hilll Tuck Thread

    Tex is a bad man on a bike. So is Ryan!! The Eugene crew is good. Rode some street today with Los Tonics. Haven't pedaled WFO at something in a very, very long time. Got most of the bike into the landing. -L
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    VIDEO: Winter in Cali

    Hey...nice work.
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    Need: 24" rim in 36hole...

    Mavic did make a 24" rim, the XY. I have 2 in 36 hole. Never used, and I'd be happy to part with them. -L