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    RC4 Bushing question--- what material?

    Do cr-mo or stainless. It's the DU bearing that's supposed to wear out...not the bushings/top-hats. I like the old "DH" version which is not a top-hat design but a hollow pin a couple of spacers on either side. Look here at the heavy-duty kit for ideas...
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    Building dirt jumps across the street

    ...from the title I was expecting to see a takeoff from your front yard with a landing across the street in your neighbors front yard.
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    Frame builder wanted?

    +1 for Stout.
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    Question about public dirt jumps or skills parks in bad weather

    Around here, we'll have idiots out the day after a pouring rain jonesin' to ride and end up rutting up the place. Signs get ignored and torn down. Even if they stay off the takeoffs and landings they'll ride thru the flats in between and rut them up. And if someone does'nt fix the ruts-they...
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    Save the Anthills!

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    Save the Anthills!

    1st of 4 meetings -- be there or kiss your trails goodbye. During the community meetings, a brief presentation will be given on how to access the Charting Buffalo report and how to provide comments. Visitors will be encouraged to listen to the presentation and then tour the exhibit area where...
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    Save the Anthills!

    In case some of you don't make it to the TX forum: GHORBA :: View topic - "Save the Anthills" Info Consolidated Here Part of what will be turned into a freekin' detention pond: Deluxebmx.com - Ant Hills Trails Jam Edit
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    Save the Anthills!

    The best single-track trail system and associated bicycle terrain park in Houston is slated to be destroyed and turned into flood control detention ponds (with questionable effectiveness). Many of the nearby homeowners associations are against this as the plan will destroy the remaining wooded...
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    If you shuttle in Santa Cruz you may want to read this

    You give the shuttle/me-me-me/youtube/facebook/i-do-whatever-i-want crowd way too much credit. I'm no way a local and it sucks I have more respect for the neighbors and the trails than some of the "locals" do.
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    My old-man line (read: pump/manual/jump/fly-out line)

    Props! That looks really fun.
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    Old School Rules

    '84 or '85? PK Ripper, Tuff wheels, and CW bars. Sweeeeet...
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    Opinions on quick release seat post clamp

    Had one for years. Never slipped--although I don't land on my seat. If you're landing on your seat you have other things to worry about.
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    AHs Jam

    Ant Hills Trail Jam - 11.06.2010 on Vimeo
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    Relocating to Texas: Houston vs Austin/SA

    www.ghorba.org for trail info. No DH bike needed. Your AM bike will be fun to ride. Plenty of XC trails--mostly tame pedal-fests. Jack Brooks has some technical features. AntHills has some fun ups and downs. Closest lift is in New Mexico or Colorado. Arkansas has some DH trails. Dallas has...
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    What is Trails?

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    S berms and snake runs. . . .

    Turns-n-berms, rollers, camel-back jumps, landings into berms, nothing straight in a row, features-to-manual and pump are what I'm likeing these days. More stoked on the the g's and flow than the big-hucks and scary-gaps.
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    quick release to solid axle conversion?

    And it's easier to cut it shorter than to cut it longer :)
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    2007 P2 Cromo seat clamp smaller than 35mm?

    Chronsy and TT got it right--steel is a thinner wall thickness than aluminum which is the problem. I have an '07 P2 and wanted a QR on it. I tried the "off-the-shelf" sizes but they were either way too big or way too small. I took a small one and bored it out on a metal-lathe to the proper size...
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    Marzocchi . . . innovation, sorta ?

    I like the coil air combo. I also like the disk brake tabs. From all the skid marks I see F'ing up our trails--a lot more "riders" should invest in a front brake (some of 'em need a rear brake too).