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    ShimanoSaint m820 brake lever

    If I'm not mistaken, the pad contact adjustment is the small silver phillips screw just below and to the front of the gold cap you are pointing out.
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    2012 team rumour and speculation

    My thoughts as well.... Ok, next rumor please.
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    Spoke Lengths for Shimano Saint FH-M815 and HB-M810

    I've been having a bit of trouble with my build on my 12/150mm 32 hole rear shimano Saint Hub. I am buildilng up a set of Alex Supra D rims with an ERD of 534.85. The specs I have from shimano are 53.8mm for the hub flange diameter, and 30.6mm center to flange left / 43.8mm center to flange...
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    Boxxer RC vs R2C2

    I had two different RC's in 2010 and 2011. I'm about 200lbs geared up. I'm riding (short) lift access trails 3 days a week. I found that the fork had a tendency to dive at odd times. Not drastically but enough that I noticed. I also managed to crack the compression damper in half on both models...
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    2012 UCI World Cup DH Live Video

    I know Page is an icon himself, but I could really do without his standard commentary of "Oh, that's too bad, insert CRC riders name here, really isn't riding as well as we know he can". Well Nigel, you may have an inside line, but its a race, and its not about how fast they can be, its about...
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    MTB GP Permanent Numbers for Pro Riders!

    Better then upping the fees.
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    any riding experience on the new norco DH aurum ?

    I wouldn't say it rides at all like the demo. Suspension handles the rough much better then the demo, but it doesn't corner nearly as quickly in the tight stuff. The demo is really in a league of it's own for tight turns. A lot of the comparisons in that review are against the demo.
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    any riding experience on the new norco DH aurum ?

    PrivateerMTB - Norco Aurum Review
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    Read this if you plan on attending any Canada or Quebec Cups this Year

    I know that there are usually a few riders from the states that come up to race the Canada and Quebec Cups each year. There are some new armour requirements for all races held in the Province of Quebec (Bromont, Tremblant, Ste-Anne). The big point is the 5th bullet. They now require back...
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    Racing outside the USA

    I think you'll have a difficult time getting a Canadian license. You have to buy them from the provincial (state) federation, and those federations are pretty sticky about licensing out of province riders. The categories are sport, expert and elite (elite being your pro). You should have no...
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    Leatt friendly helmets

    Leatt Club with my old 661 Flight moto helmet didn't work so well. I tried with a Remedy, but still had issues. My 2010 661 Evolution works great.
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    Muddy Mary vs DHF in wet

    Running 2.35. Its still larger then my 2.5 Minion DHF.
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    Muddy Mary vs DHF in wet

    I found the Muddy Mary's handle better on roots and slickrock. I loved a new set of swampthings for soft dirt, but I found that they got rather unpredictable as soon as you threw anything else into the mix. I have been running the Muddy Mary's all fall and they are working out great. Great...
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    XO vs. X9

    I can't say what wore out the X9. I assumed it was just the rough nature of downhill. I also havent' torn off to many derailers in the last couple of years. I guess you have to look at how many derailers you trash and why.
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    XO vs. X9

    I fully agree. I have a 3 year old XO that is tight and shifts with precision. The main spring snapped on me after year 1, but aside from that it has worked flawlessly. In comparison my season old X9 is super sloppy. I used to be in the camp of staying away from the top end, but in this case...
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    Should I ride a large?

    I'm 6.0 and the biggest difference I notice is in long corners, in high speed and on high speed jumps. Predictability while going fast is the biggest difference. I find that I have more room to settle in and relax on longer corners. For high speed again the bike is less nervous when I start to...
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    Freecaster Maribor World Cup Feedback

    A usual, the race falls during riding hours so I didn't watch it live. I did; however, get the replay last night. Purchased using paypal with no problems. The feed was fine. If I paused for too long it would time out and I would have to press refresh, but that wasnt' an issue. Overall...
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    Intense 909 and Edge Fro light

    I am thinking about picking up some Intense 909 and Edge Fro lights. What are peoples experiences with these tires. I am riding fairly hard pack rocky terrain. I have had good luck with Maxxis (highrollers and minnion), Moderate luck with Michelin comp 16 and 24 (nice compound , but both...
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    Avid Code feedback

    I had contamination problems with mine within the first couple of weeks. I would bleed them clear, and then in a couple of weeks I would get some minor pumping up and down so I would have to bleed them again. Every time the fluid was black. I'm riding 3 days per week, not particularly long or...
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    Boxxer Race and Vivid Knocking at Beginning of Rebound Stroke

    I picked up new 2010 Boxxer race and Vivid 5.1 this spring and am having some issues with knocking on the rebound stroke. I have had 3 rides on both. For both the fork and shock, the knocking is at the very beginning of the rebound stroke. There are no noises on the compression. I haven’t...