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  1. DHracer1067

    Why can''t I clip in with my 5.10 Minnaar's?

    did you put the cleat on the shoe upside down??
  2. DHracer1067

    Turning a Minion DHR II into tubless: help a brother out?

    Before my 823's starting leaking air out of the nipple inserts I used to always just mount up the wheel/s and just ride around on the road, field, or whatever you have by your house for a couple minutes and it never failed to seal.
  3. DHracer1067

    southeast photo thread

    The so called "waterfall" drop I guess it was called back in the day seemed easy peasy last year when I hit up sugar for the weekend. It seemed like the takeoff was refined and the sketchy lander filled in with either dirt or rocks.
  4. DHracer1067

    Beech schedule this weekend

    Nothing sucks worse than Black or white outfits for pictures. I guess I'll be out shooting the DS since the lift is closing early. Sure am gonna miss having a nice long prime lens though. Never really had a chance to shoot with a super wide angle zoom before though; plus a general purpose zoom...
  5. DHracer1067

    Beech Mountain Race Dates 2012

    Im saving the 3 dollar processing from bikereg so I can just give it straight to Beech instead of some online company. Hopefully every little bit counts to getting something going.
  6. DHracer1067

    Beech schedule this weekend

    I hear ya on that. but then if people don't care about the DH lift access that are racing slalom, why keep the people that prefer DH from riding? *on second thought its probably a lot about manpower and being able to marshal the DH track and dual slalom at the same time. If I had the...
  7. DHracer1067

    Beech schedule this weekend

    I agree about 50/50. I mean yeah you can get 4-5 runs in an hour there, but I think with news of a bikepark sort of raises expectations in some ways. What if the race schedule reflects the bike park schedule. I wouldn't come out regularly if my only chance to ride was from 9AM-1pm. I feel...
  8. DHracer1067

    Beech schedule this weekend

    Atleast for me, considering it's half as far away as snowshoe, with camping and cheap food nearby. And the price is about half of what it costs to enter a race at snowshoe, it's not bad. I'd rather they just make the entry fee a little bit more and stay open all day though. I mean now adays $45...
  9. DHracer1067

    Val di Sole 2012 - Official Thread?

    12.8 is still only 5.2 seconds behind minnaar in second
  10. DHracer1067

    Beech Mountain volunteer workday - Sunday, May 20th

    whats something good to do on Saturday the day before. I'm trying to show up but its too far to just drive up for 1 day.
  11. DHracer1067

    Sugar this weekend?

    Not that I frequent sugar frequently, but last year i spent a weekend riding the lift at sugar and was surprised how eroded it was compared to when it was first prepared fir the nationals like 2-3 years before. most everything seemeed to be allright but the section under the lift was sooo eroded...
  12. DHracer1067

    Beech DH 2012??

    Is it just me or does that announcement sound like they are opening every weekend starting in June. I know I heard from Chris the thinking was to open for select weekends but that announcement doesn't specifically say they are only going to open for such and such weekend, just that they are...
  13. DHracer1067

    Windrock Springfest

    damndit... all the early season stuff always has to happen right around exam week(s). I would come from Rawleigh if it were the next weekend:( Just got my bike fitted with a few fresh parts(yay no more bent handlebars). what is with having exams go from Tuesday through to Monday; not just...
  14. DHracer1067

    SKF seals for Boxxer?

    So I got some of the new Fox SKF seals (32MM) that came in. I put them in a 2008 boxxer team. they do in fact work but I can't give any opinion of them since all I did was ride around on the road so far. There seems to be a slight noticeable reduction in stiction but expect them to break in a...
  15. DHracer1067

    How Clueless are you?

    You answered 26 out of 33 correctly — 78.79 % I guess I'm better off than most teachers, somehow? my only history class ended before any of the dates in the questionnaire(late 1800's i think). Incorrect Answers Question: The phrase that in America there should be a “wall of separation”...
  16. DHracer1067

    Thanks Beech Mt. NC!!!(National Champs) Pics and Video

    I think the full res image should be there also to download. Not sure if I ran out of space on the DH pictures. Anyways here are some slalom pictures from Saturday. Not the best towards the end cause I managed to get wayy drunker than intended. I still have a couple hundred left to upload...
  17. DHracer1067

    Thanks Beech Mt. NC!!!(National Champs) Pics and Video

    Friday pro practice in the rock garden https://picasaweb.google.com/102565163783476804659/BeechNationalsDH?authuser=0&feat=directlink
  18. DHracer1067

    US National Champs course

    Thanks for posting that.. Just noticed the "news" post linking to that, obscured with the twitter feed, after you posted it and i went looking for it. I would think that should be some of the main information on the main page. I mean registration costs would seem to matter more to me than say...
  19. DHracer1067

    Beech Nationals Schedule of Events

    I would be all for it if I actually had 5 dollars. Normally I would have plenty of extra financial aid money left to spend but thankfully NC decided to cut that:weee: Now I'll just have to listen to my mom grumble about random extra fees:rant: