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  1. Robusto

    Avid Juicy 7's Sticking?

    Thanks, perfect thing to do considering we're supposed to get two feet of snow over the weekend.. lots of free time stuck here at home..
  2. Robusto

    Avid Juicy 7's Sticking?

    Ok, so at the beginning of last season I threw a new set of Juicy 7's on my DH bike, and immediately noticed that one of the levers seemed to have a lot of friction on the return. First race out I ended up breaking my wrist, and had to wear a cast for 3months and be off the bike for a few...
  3. Robusto

    glory sizing

    I'm right around 5'11", and I love my medium. I hopped on my friend's large and felt super awkward... I'd go with a medium.
  4. Robusto

    Anyone using 661 Evo knee guards?

    I'm using a pair right now, and although I'm yet to actually fall on them, I can say that although they are slightly more flexible, the Evo knee pads seem to have about the same protection as the Kyle Strait's, regardless of whether the D30 actually helps or not. So, if you're looking for...
  5. Robusto

    Rocky RMX Owners

    definately would be interested.
  6. Robusto

    my 08 race schedule

  7. Robusto

    Looking for a CHEAP DH Rig...

    I'm trying to get rid of my Ironhorse. Its a Yakuza Kumicho, not much left is stock. I'll let it go for $800 US, just PM if you're interested. Sorry for the Spam...
  8. Robusto

    Fabien Pedemanaud’s new Bos/Morewood bike.

    Haha I did the same exact thing. How's it going Clay? You up for meeting up at the shed sometime now that it's finally beginning to warm up?
  9. Robusto

    Fabien Pedemanaud’s new Bos/Morewood bike.

    The lowers on the BOS look alot like the lowers on a 40.. or maybe Im just seeing things. Pedemanaud definately got hooked up with a nice ride this year. Sorry this is so off topic... anyone know what shoes those are Vouilloz is wearing in that picture? I'm looking around for a new pair...
  10. Robusto

    Needs to be done TODAY!!!

    Donee... Sometime I'll actually have to go ride up there... we have a cabin about 20 minutes away in Moorefield.
  11. Robusto

    2008 East Coast race schedule (most of it, anyway)

    Aw man, I'm gonna miss watching him fly his airplane after every race lol
  12. Robusto

    What is your opinion of the future of this sport?

    My view on this is that kids need to be more patient. For a year I rode my old ironhorse cross country bike for this type of stuff, and I was eventually able to save up enough money to get a cheap entry level dh bike for around 1,000 dollars. I personally know the kid you're referencing, and I...
  13. Robusto

    when did forks get so expensive? ...oh yeah, thanks fox.

    Alittle off topic, but does anyone know the MSRP for the 888 WC ATA? Thankssss!!111!!!111!oneoneone!!!11!
  14. Robusto

    nothing to do with dh but...waaaap paaaaaap

    "Hit the lip WAH PAAA, drop in and say PAHHHHHHHHHHHH"
  15. Robusto

    Snowshoe photo goodness: The mulestar pic thread

    Any of 450 or 451? Orange bike for 450, white for 451? Thanks. Definately my favorite snowshoe race so far.
  16. Robusto

    Snowshoe Race 1 Role Call

    Wait, there's two dual races? One Saturday as well as one on Sunday?
  17. Robusto

    Help reparing stanctions

    Id still go about using some jb weld or some nail polish even if it is a very small nick. Over time the smallest of nicks can still trash a seal.
  18. Robusto

    Snowshoe Full Throttle Race Series, race I role call.

    I'll be there on the white kumicho, staying at silvercreek.
  19. Robusto

    Snowshoe update

    Hey, sorry if I missed this earlier on in the thread, but I just took a look and saw that Snowshoe has some new race categories (I.E Weekend Warrior). I was just wondering what would be the Snowshoe equivalent of the sport class, like Junior Sport? I just don't want to be stuck in a situation...