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  1. Jason4

    Evil Undead

    Good to know. I really need to pick up a bicycle sized torque wrench, the only one that I have now is for car sized nuts.
  2. Jason4

    Evil Undead

    I picked up some carbon prep paste but I still need to man up and turn the bolt on the seat post collar a little harder.
  3. Jason4

    Evil Undead

    I started buidling my Undead on Friday and finished it up on Saturday with most of the parts off of my Revolt and had planned to take it to Whistler for the day yesterday but decided to sleep in and take a short ride near home instead. I'm glad I got a shakedown ride in on it yesterday and made...
  4. Jason4

    Morpheus DH bike - 32.3 lbs, carbon/kevlar, adjustable CS

    Please think of the aerodynamics...
  5. Jason4

    Evil Undead

    I'm looking forward to building up a 6" Evil in September or so. My Revolt is still rolling strong so I have no need to switch to an Undead.
  6. Jason4

    Its official , no more Syndicate/Sram

    Now that's the classy way for riders to end a sponsorship with a company, none of the complaining that you see from other "professionals", just appreciation and gratitude. Bridges have been left intact.
  7. Jason4

    Evil Undead

    Sure, it could happen but it hasn't yet. Just because that's how you would run a business doesn't indicate Kevin's business ethic. Why don't you hold off on the conjecture until there is something to back it up.
  8. Jason4

    Evil Undead

    I'm with S.K.C. and blackohio, the complaints that I have with Evil are minor and seem to be pretty typical for a start-up company (I know the name has been around for a while but it's still a start-up). My Revolt is still riding very well (I might be the only one) and the only reason that I...
  9. Jason4

    Stolen Proto TBC Bandit 29 WEB EDIT

    I clicked the link expecting to see Jason, thank you for not disappointing me.
  10. Jason4

    Evil Undead

    Haha, drama on the intertube. Kevin is brave to let this frame out in the public like this. Anybody who expects transparency during product development is on crack. For a while I couldn't even tell people what I was working on much less what development was going on. Cut Evil/Kevin some...
  11. Jason4

    Whistler Trip Seattle-to-Van transport

    The train from Bellingham to Vancooter is $17 one way, not sure how much it is from Seattle or what the luggage situation is. That would be worth looking into. I think it goes all the way to Whistler and stops in Creekside and on the north side of the Village too.
  12. Jason4

    2011 devinci wilson issues?

    I just came back to say that the tags made me lol.
  13. Jason4

    Do helmets mold to your head over time?

    In the motorcycle world it's pretty common to "spoon" a helmet. Take a soup spoon and press out any hotspots in the foam with the rounded side of the spoon. I'd be very cautious doing this though as it's a permanent change and you can't undo it. I wouldn't use if for adjusting the overall fit...
  14. Jason4

    Leatt Helmet Question

    I just bought a 661 Fenix and have one day of riding in it. Love the helmet and it works fine with my Leatt brace. The only issue I had was with a GoPro mounting screw catching on the brace. I'll have to sort that out before this weekend.
  15. Jason4

    I made some chainstay protectors.. comments?

    I'll take a fender and a chainstay protector for my Revolt please.
  16. Jason4

    Wire vs. Kevlar...again

    I've done the impossible then.
  17. Jason4

    goggles... scott NsXi, oakley Oframe MX, or oakley crowbar

    I have a pair of Oakley O-frames that I have about 3 seasons on that I really like but they are getting a bit tired. I have Crowbars with snow lenses in them right now that will probably get retired to bike duty (and get some moto lenses instead) and I'll pick up a fresh set of goggles for snow...
  18. Jason4

    Evil Undead

    It's still a Delta link and it's still DW's design, the floater didn't do anything magic except that it gave DW the effective spring curve (leverage curve if you prefer) through the travel thathe was looking for. I understand that they were able to come up with a design that did the same thing...
  19. Jason4

    Evil Undead

    It's good to see that this bike is finally out in the wild, can't wait to see/ride production bikes. As happy as I am that I never had a frame problem with my Revolt it sure would be nice to get an Undead as a replacement.
  20. Jason4

    HOPE integrated stem crown Fox 40

    Umm...it is lower than most normal DM stems, it is lighter than most DM stems, it is stiffer than most DM stems...I guess it's just bling.