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  1. mfrdhracer

    Most over rated and underated frame.

    overrated= sinister underrated=azonic
  2. mfrdhracer

    Mick Hannah injured at Mt. Snow

    Check your PMS
  3. mfrdhracer

    Are bulit's really THIS flexy?

    my gemini flexs like a ****ker as well
  4. mfrdhracer

    3 Bike stolen in VT

    Get a hold of me if you ever wanna do some riding. i have some trails about 10 miles out of town that are great in the fall, but suck during the summer beceause bugs.
  5. mfrdhracer

    3 Bike stolen in VT

    Your from middlebury?
  6. mfrdhracer

    "Frozen" Dorado

    buy a rockshock and that will fix your problems. cause for some reason mine dousnt freeze up, hmm that sherman slider i had, awful stiff, kinda like it was frozen, in 75 degree weather. get ride of the junk manitou and that will fix all your problems
  7. mfrdhracer

    Help with some burly hardtail pics...

    My identiti 666. Psylo (upgrading to 04 z1dropoff), race face diablous bars. fsa cromo cranks. this thing is heavy!