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    How'd ya do @ CHDH

    Man, I saw it happen. I just moved from that spot to photograph somewhere else. If I chilled another couple minutes I would have got it. It wasn't pretty. Glad the old wrist didn't snap.
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    CHDH Photos

    So I have one more memory card to put up but I pretty much the bulk of photographs are up. http://halfro.com Go to Photography Events...
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    Sand Hill DS Photographs March 17th 2007

    Just finished the upload.... Go to http://halfro.com Under Photography Events.... Cheers
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    who's riding CCCX this weekend?

    Thought I'd give you a taste... Happens to be gonefirefightin...
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    who's riding CCCX this weekend?

    I'm working on converting the RAW files right now, so in about 1 hour there will be about 100 images. http://www.halfro.com/.. go the Photography Events.
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    who's riding CCCX this weekend?

    I was there taking photographs. Hopefully I'll be able to get the photos online tonight. I think I got about 130 keepers so I'll post a thread with the info.
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    Norcal Brah!

    Welp, I found a smoking deal down here in the bay on a '06 Trek 5000. Sorry dude.... I couldn't pass it up.
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    Sand Hill 4X Photographs March 3rd 2007

    Finishing the upload as I type. Pretty standard... Hope you enjoy. Click Here and go to Photography Events.
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    Norcal Brah!

    Health, dude I'm thinking of buying a Trek 1500 for my fat arse. Got any in stock? 52? Let me know... I was going to buy local, but I'd rather buy from a Brah!
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    Norcal Brah!

    Yeah, a congrats is in order. Good work Heath. When I'm in the market for a bike I'll be heading that way.
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    Nov 18th Sand Hill Dual Slalom Photos

    Check'em out.... go to Halfro.com.... Under photography events...
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    Would you like to see Mountain Biking on Fuel TV?

    Do you remember snowboarding in the late 80's early 90's? It was a couple buddies and I with about 5000 skiers. Seems like today it's 5000 snowboarders and 5 skiers. Be careful what you wish for. Snowboarding has progressed a lot more because everybody and their grandma are on snowboards. DH...
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    Ramp Rats photos

    haha.... sorry you have to go to halfro.com and photography events...
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    Ramp Rats photos

    Okay, there are only few, but I'm to lazy right now. I'll get more up hopefully by the end of the weekend. These are the ones that caught my eye. Enjoy...
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    mtb park comp in petaluma: ramprats nov 11th!!!!

    I'm hoping to make it. Should be fun to photograph if they'll let me out on the course...
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    november 11th ramp rats contest

    I want to check it out... get some indoor shots.
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    Sand Hill Mountain Cross Photos

    enjoy... halfro.com click on Photo Events....
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    Sand Hill MX Photos

    Well, the upload failed last night... I'll try it again...