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  1. Cave Dweller

    Who makes bar extensions?

    Control tech terminator plugs??? http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=58971
  2. Cave Dweller

    Maxxis Minion 2.5 single ply

    I have been running the 2.35 single ply DHF on my 6 inch AM bike. I thought these tires would be okay for AM riding. They suck. Pinch flatted with welter weight tubes, pinch flat with free ride tubes, pinch flat with DH tubes. Some of the flats have been doubles as well (front and rear at the...
  3. Cave Dweller

    Five Ten Minnaar?

    Maybe im missing something...... But on a normal flat pedal with 5-10s its very difficult to twist your foot on the pedal. You need to twist your foot to remove them from clips. So could this hinder your pedal exit??
  4. Cave Dweller

    Just came in...2009 E13 LG1+

    Looks similar to the G2 with the wrapping around bash guard to the roller, does this infringe the MRP patent? I remember a bit of a discussion in this thread around a year ago http://www.ridemonkey.com/forums/showthread.php?t=204460
  5. Cave Dweller

    Thoughts On SAINT

    I tried the new saint derailleur. Sucked into the hype. Did not like it at all. I could not get the thing set up properly, even with the limit screws backed all the way out on both hi and low i could not get it to shift all 9 gears, best i could get was 8. Im no n00b either and know how to...
  6. Cave Dweller

    Steve's TPC+ Rockitou Doroxxer

    Off course. But i also thought is was there so no oil mixxed with air increasing performance? If bleed properly there should be no air mixxing with the oil inside the dorado. Its like a rear shock, separate the air from the oil. Air and oil mix leads to loss of performance and consistency...
  7. Cave Dweller

    Steve's TPC+ Rockitou Doroxxer

    Nice work steve. I share your pain re: the weird threads. I had the same problems when i put the dorado internals into the monster T. The other thing that **** me was between the xvert carbon and dorado the internal honing was a different size, top caps between the two forks had different...
  8. Cave Dweller

    09 Red Boxxer Problems: Boxxer Guru's Please

    Air in the lowers. Do a search to find the fix, been covered so many times its not funny, can't be bothered typing it out.
  9. Cave Dweller

    DW Link to Turner for 09

    Maybe you would be better going up a bike size and re-centering your weight. Maybe a slightly longer stem as well. What size bike/stem do you run. It looks like your that far over the back to get a correct arm position.
  10. Cave Dweller

    Real Pics of the 2009/10 Boxxer

    Yeah, if it happens mid way through then obviously its not related to a stress riser and its due to plastic deformation of the material (ie snap! for aluminum). I was going off the picture big ted posted which looks like its mostly around the base of the circlip groove from what i can tell...
  11. Cave Dweller

    Real Pics of the 2009/10 Boxxer

    True. It would be interesting to know what the remaining thickness of the leg is after c clip groove is machined. Lots of forks and rear shocks use c clip grooves like that and i have not heard of problems like this before. Must be waffer thin. Maybe people are over filling the oil level as...
  12. Cave Dweller

    Real Pics of the 2009/10 Boxxer

    Anyone else think its odd that this problem is confined to the damper side when the legs are identical?? As said, the rebound piston should not touch the plug/baseplate/circlip, there should be no load on it. That failure to me sure looks like its due to some kind of impact loading. I can't see...
  13. Cave Dweller

    Canberra World Cup

    Well, im always prepared to stand corrected. But i watched the Aussie nats a year and a half ago, and rode stromlo in March / April this year and was not impressed on either occasion. I don't care thaaaaat much anyway, im not riding it, everyone can make up their own minds about the track, im...
  14. Cave Dweller

    Canberra World Cup

    Im with udi. Its a dud track. I have ridden it and don't rate it. Actually, i rate it in the bottom 5% of tracks i have ridden. Sooooo many better tracks in oz, pity this is the only one that can hold a DH race. The 4x track is alright though. The only people who appear to like it...
  15. Cave Dweller

    Stromlo World Cup- who is going?

    I will be there on the sunday.
  16. Cave Dweller

    Where is my "Lahar"?

    Do you have any idea how much an international law suit will cost? It is not going to be less then the cost paid for the frames. Why throw good money after bad, thats so, so, so stupid. And what makes you think he is going to have money to pay any legal settlement that could be made after its...
  17. Cave Dweller

    But when can I get the 09 Saint gear?

    Australia has the rear der and shifter. http://tbsm.com.au/
  18. Cave Dweller

    Lever blade replacement on Saints?

    I bent my saint lever and replaced with straitlines. They work ok, a little more chunky then the stock levers. If i had not bent my lever i wouldn't have bothered to change them. Anyway, there are some instructions bottom of this link on how to get the shimano levers out...
  19. Cave Dweller

    Spy shots: 2009 Spesh Trail SX and... Big Hit Proto???

    Yeh, totally. All the people with dead ipod batteries and cracked screens are loving their fashionable looking ipods and not wishing they had spent a bit more money on good engineering.......... :rant:
  20. Cave Dweller

    Spy shots: 2009 Spesh Trail SX and... Big Hit Proto???

    I am an engineer. And it is a mountian bike. Used for riding down and up hills. Not an ipod, or a toaster, or a remote control or an ergonomic widget of some kind. It won't get you any roots from women. It should be built light and strong, not heavy with excessive tube bending to make it...